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  1. Hi, I'd like to meet some fellow Whovians and/or RPers. Or even just general scifi geeks like myself. -Jen
  2. How do you feel about about very realistic looking furries?
  3. Hi, I just visited and I love it! I absolutly loved the books by E. E. Knight, and I'm thrilled that someone created his world on SL! I'm going to look over the rules and apply to join, but in the meantime I just wanted to take the opertunaty to introduce myself and say 'hi'. -Jen
  4. I might be interested, depending on what exactly you have in mind. I'm expirienced with RP, but new to SL. I've figured out most of the basics, but I'm sure there will be times when I'll need some patience.
  5. I searched and searched for interesting RP areas, but when I get there they're basicly empty. So, now I'm trying this. I am a serious role player who has expeirience with play by email, play be forum, and the NOVA system used for a lot of Star Trek SIMS. Stuff I like: Fantasy, Sci-fi, dystopian themes, Star Trek, Furry, Steam punk, and a certain mad man in a blue box who it will not let me name for some reason. . I like RP were the tone is more serious vs lighthaerted. Sex stuff: I'm still new to SL and have yet to really explore that area. I'm willing to if I like your avatar and we can be in character. I'm interested in BDSM and can go very dark. Other than that I like the same sort of themes for adult as I listed earlier. RL: So, in real life I'm female (as is my avatar).I'm 31 and intelegent with a great imagination. Thats probably all you need to know.
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