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  1. I think what made it easier was that you can just create the whole thing in one attachment instead of having to try and envision a top and what bits need to be made into a sculptie attachment and what bit needs to be made as a texture etc etc. And with things like Marvelous Designer making a mesh dress is not much different from making a dress in RL with the pattern making etc and I'm a trained seamstress in RL (though it's not what I do for work at the moment it's still something I have experience in) so I suppose that's where I find it easier, the only differences would be just tweaking, ret
  2. Considering all the time you save creating fabric and draping effects on clothing with MD instead of trying to recreate the same thing in blender etc having to convert the mesh to quads and then lowering the poly on it still makes it an easier and more effective way to make decent looking mesh IMO. I found mesh really difficult to work with before I started using MD and now I actually enjoy it and my clothes actually look not too bad to say I'm reletively new at creating!
  3. This is not my first account (I had to get rid of the old one for personal reasons I won't go into) and I've seen a lot of changes over the years, both good and bad. Bad things that really stand out to me are the removal of the First Name, Surname system. I actually LOVED that about SL when I first joined all those years ago and not being able to have that with this Avvie was actually such a bummer. I felt like it made it seem like your avvie actually was a real person rather than just a username, if that makes sense, Secondly the orientation is awful. I swear when I first joined all those
  4. Yeah I do but that's generally just me and my personality. I go through phases where I am absolutely addicted to something for a period of time and then boom, the next day I don't even remember it anymore haha. I do try and keep up with SL because I don't want to lose contact with my friends and such, plus now I've started creating I find there's a lot more to do and a lot more to appreciate. I think if you just played SL to go to clubs or go shopping you'd find it boring quite quickly, but I think if you make it that there's a purpose behind your visits to SL then it should keep your attenti
  5. Some people have big bums in RL too you know (I, for example, have a 26inch waist and 43inch hips so go figure). Generally I like the diversity. If someone wants to have a bum like the continental shelf then it really is no concern of mine what they wish to do with their avatar. If it makes them happy then excellent, keep rocking the big butt. If you like flat bums and no chest then good for you, but don't hate on the girls who are rocking their curves.:matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
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