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  1. Excellent and kind explanation. I will radically cut down my AC as much as I can! Thank you all!
  2. Hello all *waves* Since you all have been so helpful, I'm back to ask another question Specifically, about Avatar Complexity. I totally get that a high AC score affects other people's viewers, and that if I'm wearing, for example, a 360K outfit, that many will not be able to render me or they will render the jelly-doll. I also read on these forums that some people's graphics cards can get fried (seriously, I did read this). My problem comes in where I have a few outfits that are near and dear to me and score over 350K. As I said, I understand that a high AV score affects others' viewers. Does a high AV score also affect the server, as in making a club laggier ? I'm very confused on this. Thanks again!
  3. ok work all done, please disregard this post.
  4. This is a cartwheel hat. I just love them. The problem is, of course, wearing them with hair. I only need one hat (black) that will fit with the vast majority of "flat" or "head-hugging" hairstyles. I tried to contact one cartwheel hat designer but he/she has never responded back to my notecard. I will pay you fairly for your work. Make your first offer your best offer, please. Contact me by notecard in-world at Mila00001 Resident. Thanks
  5. Hi all *waves* I love to wear my cartwheel hats. However, getting them to fit well is....a challenge. Example of cartwheel hat I don't want them to ride too high on my head or be a bit too large for my head. I'm trying to wear the "flattest" hair possible. Suggestions ? Thanks all! Mila
  6. I tried that except not with those servers. I guess I chose the wrong ones.
  7. It took me 25 minutes to log back in. Was I the only one who had that error ?
  8. Hello all *waves* Hope this is the right place. I'm confused about rigged mesh versus fitted mesh. Are they the same thing ? Last question, is rigged or fitted mesh the latest innovation in clothes ? Thanks for your time and have a wonderful SL day ! :matte-motes-big-grin: Mila
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