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  1. I'm always open to new friends. Look me up sometime
  2. I too love live music. If you would like to hang out let me know.
  3. I love making new friends. I've the same issue of inactive friends or they are busy doing something else.
  4. Well i don't know if I can show you around but I love making new friends. I've few of them myself
  5. It's alright to be shy. I know a lot of shy people and they are good friends. I'm always open to new friends to hang out with. Im me sometime
  6. I'm always open to new friends. I've been thinking about trying role playing maybe become a elf or something. I feel like a noob all the time and I've been online for a few years now.
  7. I'm looking for the same thing as well. I love live music but now I just find it boring standing there and not having anyone to talk to. Look me up sometime!
  8. I wouldn't mind being your sister. I too have tried to explore the SL world alone and see people in big groups is a bit disheartening I begin to think what the heck is wrong with me. That I have so little friends. I am EST as well and try to log everyday.
  9. I feel the same way. I have a few friends but it seems like they are too busy lately to do anything. So I stand at home with all my animals and get bored. I even have a partner inworld but it seems more and more he is busy role playing then to spend quality time with me. So I am too looking for new friends and enjoy SL again.
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