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  1. T² Photography is open for business and looking for more clients. All photographs are done with unique backdrops and poses created or purchased for that specific photo. We may not be the most inexpensive, but we deliver with strong customer service, and a high quality finished product. Our Portfolio : Flickr [Single Photo Rates] Individual Photo - 650L/Each. Couples Photo - 750L/Each Adult/Mature Photo - 850L/Each [Multi-Photo Pricing available on request] T² Photography prides itself on making sure the client is happy above all else. If a photograph ends up not looking quit
  2. Due to the responses I've gotten from direct contact with a few people, I thought it was best to create an independent Flickr from my personal stuff, to what I did for clients and the like. Feel free to contact me on the forums, or in-world. Photos seen on Flickr do not represent the only types of pictures I will take. If you have a request, feel free to ask. As long as it follows the Second Life TOS, I will gladly look into it. T² Flickr
  3. Wanted to add to this post as I don't just try to take a picture, I try to tell a story with it whether it be by facial expressions, decor or other things in the photo. Whether a portrait, or a shot with an immaculate background, they all tell a story. This one is titled; "Without You"
  4. Ah yeah I know, but like my post said, just because you don't see it on my Flickr doesn't mean that I can't do it - there's got to be a first for everything that ends up on there! Besides, I'd likely do a pretty low rate / picture if you give it a shot! Options yours, I'll still *cry* if you don't 😆
  5. Yeah what the other person said how could you possibly look elsewhere than my most recent post! :P~ *cries* Such silliness!
  6. As the title of the post states, I am a photographer looking for work. My photography has been predominantly personal photos for the majority of what I've done, however I wish to do more. I find inspiration while it can strike you on its own in a lot of ways, hearing other peoples desires on what they want to see, and making it come to life is something that just makes photography that much more beautiful to me. I'm willing to try just about anything photography wise. I have a general ballpark of what my rates will be, but I'd rather know the details of the photos first as everything is a b
  7. Thank you! It's one of my favourites that's for sure! Now that I share it all I want is Pizza >.<
  8. This is a photo I took just after New Years, a nice little pizza party commemorating the fact my best friend and I made it another trip around the sun.
  9. There are so many beautiful pictures in this post. I love it
  10. Really? That's funny because I never seen you there once, but nevertheless. It shows how much you "went there" when you replied over a year AFTER the post. I'm sure we really missed your presence there...lul.
  11. Thank you for the response but I'm looking for more of an EDM/Dance club than a rock club. - Still looking atm.
  12. After taking a short break from the world of SL, I'm looking for a club that has moderately decent traffic to work in. I've run my own clubs, I've DJed at numerous successful clubs that have since either lost a lot of traffic or simply closed down. I'd like to find somewhere that has a welcoming community to all types of avatars since I've gathered a rather furry / human split crowd over the years and I want everyone to feel welcome. I've been DJing for approximately three years, I use Virtual DJ Pro, I can use my own steam if required, it doesn't honestly matter to me. Contact me i
  13. Epic Entertainment, is looking to expand its family of DJs & Hosts as it continues to grow strong. Our community is mixed with furries, and humans, but all avatar types are welcome here. Now, I know the first thing you want to know, is what is in it for you? - - You will receive 100% of your tips, as you should. - There is no program / genre lock for DJs. We want our staff to have fun, and happy staff is generally ones that don't have people watching over their shoulder all the time. - No Experience Required. - We are more than willing, and capable to teach aspiring DJs &
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