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  1. Yeeeeah I suppose that's not what I had in mind... but to be honest, yes I wanna get paid, but more or less for being a security guard, police officer, medic, doctor, sailor, whatever the heck have you... as I said, I am not shy about any sort of work. At current I am more or less looking for more action to my daily routine, and of course, a lil roleplay doesn't help bite the dullness in half either, right? Admittedly yes, I am of course an anthro in SL, but honestly I am a likable person, it's just the persona I play that's a bit gruff... and being an 'anti griefer' boogeyman hunter doesn't seem to be well... what I was looking for, to be quite honest.
  2. So, I'll be frank with you all, I am looking for work across the grid as a Mercenary for Lindens, or even something worth my while like say, free guns, vehicles, or something akin to it. I don't know how to script mind you, but I do have an eye for detail and have some basic building skills, and am willing to improve if given the right incentive and instruction. I am skilled with both taking orders, and giving them, and even working alone on some projects. I have Grid-based combat experience, leadership skills, reaching the rank of Commander in the group I use to be affiliated with. I am a good teacher, knowledgeable in many various subjects, and more than willing to dig for answers. I am not shy about any sort of work, and do possess a small amount of alternative methods to find answers, so by all means, if you have a task for me, please PM me in world, or post a response here. I shall be waiting~
  3. I'll keep that place in mind, I am kinda curious about it now that you mention it, so I will check it out soon!
  4. Furry friendly roleplays? Anyone? ANYONE?! What I am looking for currently is a roleplay regional community that is anthro friendly, and has RP jobs available such as being a life-flight pilot or an ambulance driver. I have skill in piloting a helicopter as well as being an EMS driver. I am always available in game and reachable through Private Message. I also have Skype and Discord if anyone is willing to work with me in that aspect. Hit me with your best shots and I’ll be sure to respond to you as soon as humanly possible. I usually check the forums three times a day, so it’s quite possible I will see your response as soon as I get on!
  5. You have sparked my interests! Hoping to hear something back soon and I hope to land a position as a social media coordinator if at all possible
  6. Tod Vlodovic


    I’m surprised I never got around to doing this sooner… I don’t know how I’ve avoided this for so long. An introduction post would probably help my case when it comes to meeting new people and getting even more out of second life, right? RIGHT?! My name is Tod ‘Fox’ Vlodovic inworld, I am a Commander in the roleplay group known as GalaxyFleetCommand, and currently I am looking for new people to meet, talk to, and have fun and good times with. I am also in search of fun based employment inworld, in order to fund some purchases and all sorts of awesomeness! I am a furry, I roleplay as my main skill - unless you call being a social butterfly a skill - and I’m looking for new experiences that have come and gone within the eight years I have existed within the world of SL. I do aviation runs in The Blake Sea from Juneau South from time to time from one of the groups in the GFC Group. I also do sailing, and I would like to sometime get back into the realm of combat in SL using the MCE system, or something similar. I am looking forward to meeting you all who may come forth. I am usually friendly, and always looking for new friends~ *snickers*
  7. Hello, everyone! Allow me to say this first: I am a newcomer when it comes to employment in Second Life, and even though I lack the employment history, I am a well-established role player with a lot of experience in that field. I am not a 'human' avatar, and I am a fur. Now that is out of the way, allow me to elaborate a bit further on my skills and what I am looking for! I am hoping to gain employment at a place I can have fun, enjoy working at, and a place that is willing to semi-work with my odd schedule of times I'm on second life. I usually am available for contact between 11 AM to 10 PM. And I am not available on Wednesdays and Weekends unless otherwise noted. As said before, I am an avid roleplayer that has been around for 8 years on second life, and have been roleplaying on various avenues since I was 13 IRL age. I usually roleplay a hybrid fennec fox (fennec fox mixed with a tiger, yeah, kinda odd I know) and am a part of a moderately sized roleplay community currently. I am not shy about doing escort work, I am unable to do SL voice because... well, I'm kinda lacking a mic at the moment that would allow for such. I am age verified and have payment info on file if needed at any point. Looking forward to seeing if anyone takes the cheesecake! Also, ending note, I prefer the nickname 'Fox' instead of Tod. Just a small tidbit there. Peace!
  8. Hello everyone! First time posting here on the forum and everything... my first question is that is there any good school roleplay - PG RATED (Non Adult folks) - sims that allow furry avatars? I am looking to enroll my daughter into school somewhere and being a furry kinda makes it difficult x.x If you have any SLURLs or Locations for a such place, modern times preferred, toss em my way! Yeeehaaa!
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