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  1. Intensity TV seeks on-air talent! On-air talent must outgoing, charismatic, speak and understand English and be comfortable with speaking on voice in-world or through skype. We are currently seeking two people for a morning style talk show. If you are interested, please contact Whozzat Resident.
  2. Intensity TV is seeking machinimatographers/individuals/groups who are looking for an in-world television network to air their programming on. Please contact me in-world to set up a meeting.
  3. Good day, Intensity TV is seeking staff. We are in need of customer service representatives, on air personalities, and much more. Please contact me in-world for more information on how to apply. We will start our CSR's off at 25% of all sales. On air personalities will recieve 500L per episode per season of each show.
  4. Intensity TV invites you to Woodbury Falls as we kick off the Halloween season with an amazing Spooktacular! Come ready to explore this amazing sim and to rock out to some awesome tunes spun by one of second life's hottest DJ's. Beware of the zombies who come out after dark, and look out for the mischeivous ghosts that haunt the area. Intensity TV will be giving away 5000L to the person with the best costume. Also make sure to talk to our psychic if you want to find out what the future has in store for you. We look forward to seeing you there! Happy halloween!
  5.  Intensity TV is now hiring for all positions. We are seeking customer service representatives, social media coordinators, machinimatographers, and much more.
  6.  Intensity TV is looking for 10 sexy contestants to appear on season one of The One. Message me in-world for more information!
  7.  Intensity TV is looking for 10 contestants for a brand new adult themed dating show called The One! Our sexy single, the gorgeous bisexual dj Bailey is looking for five men and five women to compete to win her heart in our premiere season. To find out all of the information and to download the application, please visit our website. Open auditions will be held soon, keep an eye on our website for all of the upcoming open audition dates.
  8.  Intensity TV looking for ten (10) contestants to appear on the new SL dating show, The One. Please visit our website at http://intensitytv.weebly.com for more information and to apply today! We are seeking five men, and five women.
  9.  Intensity TV is looking for ten sexy contestants for season one of the new SL dating show The One. Please visit http://intensitytv.weebly.com for more information and to apply.
  10.  Are you looking for The One? Like everyone else we are looking for that special someone we can fall in love with and potentially share a life with. The One from Intensity TV will help hopeful singles find true love. We are looking for men and women to appear on this show and we will help various people from all walks of life. Gay, straight, lesbian. If you're looking for love, then look no further. Ten contestants will be whisked away to a luxurious island home and will go on several dates with our sexy single and each week someone will be eliminated. The contestants selected to move for
  11. I'm interested in starting an in-world television network and am looking for am up and coming machinimatographer to come on board. Please contact me in-world, Whozzat Resident.
  12. I appreciate both of you taking the time to respond.
  13. Good afternoon, My name is Jaylon Tyrel (Whozzat Resident). I have been honored with the privilage of being accepted into the MR. SL 2017 pageant that is being sponsored by the MISS SL ORGANIZATION. I am reaching out today because I am seeking a handful of designers that would consider sponsoring me with outfits, hair, skin, animations, etc... in exchange I will mention your brand in any and all publications, on social media, and all of the styling cards we must create throughout this competition. You're probably wondering why I don't just buy linden dollars and purchase everything I need
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