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  1. Whirly Fizzle is CORRECT!!! Sorry, I was still logging into the Linden Labs premium 'home' and when I went to a totally different area, I logged in properly with all of my online friends list intact. I will not log into my 'home' at the Linden Lab home until it's fixed. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!
  2. I have several 'homes' in a few different sims/areas. It doesn't matter which place I rezz in, it is the same. It is not just me either.... friends are having the same issue. Is there a preference that I missed??? or changed accidentally??
  3. For the past two days (that I noticed) my Peoples/Friends/Online list is not populating. This is to the point that even when someone (a friend) is 'nearby' or standing right beside me. Is there something in my preferences that I accidentally 'clicked". I am not the only one with this issue. I have (so-far) two other friends who are experiencing the same issue. And yes.... I have relogged numerous times.. Thank You
  4. I use the "my outfits" folder to control my clothing inventory. I have everything organized into seperate folders like hair or shoes etc. Recently (about 2 weeks) I have not been able to move or add any inventory item without it going immediately into the trash folder. I am able to restore the item but it goes beneath the 'trash' folder and cannot be moved back to where it was. Is there a setting that I may have accidentally clicked? I am using the stock SL viewer.
  5. HI... I also have a problem recently with mesh bodies stretching out and being deformed. I have shown shots to others and no one else is having the problem. I have been noticing it off and on for a couple of months and since LL has launched the mesh body apps it is everywhere. I did an experiment after doing ALL of the things everyone has said and went to a friends house, logged in and yes... it is the video card. The viewer does not distort the images on their computer which has a little bit better video card in it. So, now I have to buy a better card. It is only my opinion but I think it was very irresponsible to launch a feature that not everyone can use and is so disruptive to the gaming of so many. At least I am able to buy a new card but what about the people who cant? Like I said, just my opinion but I thought I would put it out there. Thank You
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