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  1. Cronix Byron is absolutely right - why vote him down ? for writing the truth ? I know that myself : people don't want to read that ! Voodoo acts discriminating , only - and ruins the stores of some people - well , they hired them so ... ? as a male I get that often they don't want you - but this goes too far and I will not turn into a fake Lesbian to go to a place ! this won't work anyway
  2. they are the most rude people on SL : I am banned for 4 years on a special sim - they say I am not banned and when I write to voodoo - they only get rude and insulting --my female avi was often on that sim only male avi gets banned and I may not even buy stuff from them -- I wish they would know what voodoo does on their behalf ! I am even not able to buy stuff from that sim via MP and a friend who wanted to send me a gift also got banned - these people play god and it's a fact - they are very strict towards male avis - which often happens on SL !
  3. YoSung

    Eye Movement

    I have read somewhere else that it's easy if you attach the eyes to the ears -adjust them and fit them in the sockets later - and it worked ☺
  4. YoSung

    Eye Movement

    I have a SL head and try to fit Mesh yes into it - but the eyes wink and roll so it takes hours and still doesn't fit I have switched eye movement off , but that doesn't help .
  5. I wish my avatar would stop to wink and roll eyes so that I can fit mesh eyes properly - drives me mad :)
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