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  1. also the previous day at the same club i had bought an outfit from one of the stores but that shouldnt have had any thing to do with it but it happened the following day after i bought the outfit!
  2. well it only banned just my main avatar account only after a ether after i accdently clicked on a sploder ball as i was TPing into a club or was a store in the clubs mall landing zone a few meters away from the club area that's when it put me on the voodoo ban list and i told the said clubs owner about it where it happened i wasn't banned from the club just the voodoo system via automated ban!
  3. I Have been going to the same sims for a few years one of witch has had the same nude beach skinny dip inn the name of the place and i went there after i had gone to this one club on an other sim named wet willies they had this voodoo security system eject and ban script prim and got ejected and banned from wet willies for no reasion and now at any place that has this voodoo security rezed on the sim t automaticly ejects me from the sim and i'm unable to go o that sim saying iv been banned from the sim by voodoo and it im me this message to get unbanned go to their web site to and it shows a link to this site i tried it but they never respond to my instant message i'm pretty sure its just a way to grife people and is against the LL TOS is there a way LInden can do anything about this at all its to the point its getting to really make me so angery that i want to well take things into my own hands and find out who these scumbags are in RL and do really bad stuff to them that person who is the one who made the voodoo security items really should be banned and all his stuff removed from the market place if its on sale there i haven't looked though and anyone using it on their sim or have a store vender using it should remove it and or stop using it this is just BS i have people i go to these sims with some times and places they TP me to only to be ejected and banned by this scripted item im pretty sure there are others who have this same problem with this voodoo and its web site!
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