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  1. Yes , if there is any player who is abusing any of the fishing or hunting areas in a manner that violates our ToS we ( GoldTokens) will block them from further game play in the Goldtokens system . We simply need to have evidence of the abuse and of course their names . TerryDavidd
  2. Thank you Linden Lab you have answered my question
  3. Ahh ok the games I speak of are more like the traffic cones . they are distributed across the grid and players go search for them and wait by them ( causing traffic ) and then move on tho the next location to search for more.. they do get fractions of lindens for this and periodically cash out .
  4. Actually thats not quite how the games work , but thank you for your opinion.
  5. There is a hud ,which is not necessary to play the games , however it is free and the basic tings to start are all free. Th eonly items which carry a price tag are the items considered to be " power - ups " .
  6. What about a game where you go from sim to sim across the grid hunting for coins or gems or other hunt objects and then after locating those objects you can cash out at an atm .. thegame is free to play .. it is basically a hunt for fractions of lindens and bragging rights for rank . and please i ask respectfully for you not topaste that paragraph again ,, it is so vague that it does not answer this question
  7. I am finding that several group chats are no longer functional after yesterdays unscheduled maintenances . Notices are going out as normal , but no one is able to post in the chat group. I checked and rechecked all settings and everyone should be able to chat at will in the group . I have also learned that our group is not the only one with this problem . We have a large group and at first I wondered if it wa s all large groups , but I se e that there are groups with many more members than ours who seem to be unaffected by this problem , so I t does not seem to an issue with group size . D
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