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  1. I dont even know why i talk here all of you are not understandable at all ! i call LL direct at least they know what they are talking about they are nice, and understand and dont say stupid comments like babushka what kind of help is that???? you r all know it alls looking to be pinned with points lol silly peeps
  2. Knowing Adobe Flash Player EOL / end of life / date being December 31st 2020, is used by some software in Second Life ? What will the effects be to SL viewer or third party viewers asking for this program to diffuse videos ? or will it make no difference ? Thank you !
  3. After 12 and one half years , i was forced to become a premium member when i suddenly lost my original second chosen name after having it for over three years, the only way to to regain any similar name to it was to become a premium, before the day it dissapeared i tried changing back to it at least five times, with out any succes, it kept going back to my original Second life name that was twelve years old! I sent in ticket after ticket and got tired of waiting for a response after two weeks! I joined Premium, first i must say that I have had full sims and homestead sims almost since i s
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