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  1. I was trying to look on how to do this as I am unsure. I would just like to stockpile USD on my account to be able to pay tier. However I didn't find a tutorial or instructions on how to do so. I need as much detail as possible as to how to do this if possible. Many thanks, Stakie
  2. I am looking for a small parcel (Prim size around 200 but will take less) must allow breedables. Feel free to send me IM in world or post here. Prefer adult land near water but will look at any.
  3. I figured I would ask, because I can not seem to find any on the marketplace. But, I could be wrong. If you happen to know of any places it would be much appreciated.
  4. Can't seem to find any in Market place and have no idea where any would be in world. Examples on pintrest: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/540572761494631734/ Feel free to post here or IM me in world or even drop a NC. Much appreciated!
  5. Looking for a Mesh creator for long term project. Must have knowledge of other build types such as flexi prim. Please contact Stakie Junibalya in world if interested.
  6. I am looking for a prim counter that can be used on land that is not owner by my. I tend to rent small stalls and most prim counters only work on land that I own. Is there any out there that will just count the prims I have on a sim? Thanks for the help in advance, ~Stakie
  7. Aww, well that is a bummer. Thank you for the info guys. I appreciate it!
  8. Are we able to rent them? I have actually never seen one available. I would guess they are not all too popular.. but never to see one at all? So, since I didn't find much on them.. does anyone know? Are they out there and available just like other rentals? Thanks so much, Stakie
  9. Omg, the one you sent me worked. I am so super happy I can not put into words!
  10. No, sorry. It does not. It gives me an error. I am sorry! I am very horrible at explaining myself.
  11. I got it well after you fixed it. (I was sleeping..heh.) But if there is something that will rebroadcast the notecard reader.. I think that would work perfecty. I mean, it could be totally remade... but I am not at all good at scripting. I don
  12. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you trying to help me. Unfortunately it didn't work. I get an Error (25,19) ERROR : fUNCTION CALL MISMATCHES TYPE OR NUMBER OF ARGUMENTS. Not sure what that means, but it did not rebroudcast the Hud. Though, I am pretty sure that is what I need.
  13. Yep, I need it to shout. It's meant for something very specific. I can drop new scripts into this. It's modifiable in that manner. As well as delete all the old out of it. But, scripting an entire thing is really not my thing. I have contacted the seller, though really... not sure they even are on SL anymore. It has an onscreen HUD and all the buttons are configured so that I may just edit a notecard and it readsit by just clicking a button. =( It's perfect...except it doesn't shout.
  14. Oh goodness, it's not. I am guessing there is nothing I can add to it to get it to do that, like another script? The only thing I can really do is delete and change the script. It;s a no modify script unfortunately. And I would probably just delte the script and put another reader in there, but it also is the script to map the buttons and I am not very clear on how that all works. All I basically know is that it's using Multi_Notes_2.12.
  15. So I have a fairly nice HUD which reads notecards as I press certain buttons.However this HUD has no option to shout. Is there something I can do to fix this problem? I've tried a microphone and it does not seem to help me. I'm not really all too good with scripting but usually simple editing i can understand and do. Not sure if I can post the marketplace listing? I've tried contacting the owner but have not heard back, so in the meantime if anyone could help me or point me in the right direction that would be wonderful.
  16. I can find plenty of HUDs which are nice, but none are exactly what I want. I know I am asking for a lot in one HUD but I don't think it's impossible to have. Start bids Panel numbers of AT LEAST 20 Going once Going Twice Going Three times 1 2 3 Sold Future Sale Sniper If there were a lot of configurable buttons, that would also work. (And probably be simplier as I could put panel numbers and tehir start bids together) I can't find an all in one hud. But I can find multiple different huds that make up the one I want. I would like it to be much more simple then that. Any suggestions guys?
  17. I will not reply further to the snarky remarks, but to those who actually took the time to give me their opinion and some information, I thank you. I appreciate it. I have no real reason why I would want to move. I am very happy with what I have. Paying 60USD is just fine for me. I have enough prims for what I want. I have nice neighbors, and I have never had any problems as of yet. I just keep seeing land for sale by me. I've always liked to amuse the idea of actually owning my own land rather then renting. But, money is money! Haha. I don't want to pay more if I don't have to! I wasn't exactly sure how some people were renting out at this price to be honest. Markets change, so it can be confusing to understand.
  18. I am a renter and pretty happy with it. I rent a quarter sim on the mainland and pay about 60 USD doing so a month. I am interested in knowing if it's worth just purchasing my own land. I never really understood the tier system and how it worked, though I did read up on it. Guess it's just not sinking in all too well with me. So, if anyone is out there, let me know... Is it worth it? If it is, what are the benifits? What are the cons of it? Thanks so very much, Stakie
  19. Looking to get some custom tack made for my ABC horses. I can't make saddles and all of the pretty frilly things myself, good oopurtunity to show off your skills. Please send a notecard AND IM in game and we can discuss business! Thanks so much~ Stakie
  20. Some of the msgs may have been lost because ingame msgs just became capped. Please send a notecard, even if I am online because I tend to be AFK! I apoligize for anyone who has already msged me and was unable to get ahold of me!
  21. Looking to get a custom ad and bid board. Although there are some very nice ones out there, nothing fits the medieval theme that I have. I'de rather not have a board that is an eyesore. Please contact me ingame~
  22. I probably need a scripter then. I wonder what something like this would actually cost to be made!
  23. I know it exists, I am just not sure what other name it goes by. So let me explain and maybe you nice people can help me. It's basically 'something' that gives a window when they pop in. Kind of like a welcomer mat would give some kind of welcoming msg. However, it pops up in the middle of the screen and will give a messege and the rules for the sim entered. The only way to get rid of the box would to be to click the 'accept rules' button. If the user declined the rules they would be booted from the sim. I know it is not too common but I am interested in getting something like this. If anyone had any information, I would greatly appreciate it.
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