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  1. Damn... I feel your pain. Some merchants and their fanbases can be such scumbags at times. Had a kids stuff merchant do this to me awhile back because I left a 4-Star review on some clothing they made that praised some of the perks of the item but brought up some bugs and other little issues I had with it. The product was in beta so you would think that the creator would want feedback in their reviews, like how a script for retexturing the mesh would break after each use and the clothing which was meant to fit all mesh kid avatars, specifically Toddleedoos (which I have) didn't fit unless I made my avatar super model skinny. The resizer was one of these really simple ones that resized all axises by 5, 10, or 15 percent increases. So I log-on SL the next day and find an insulting bunch of remarks in broken kid-speak English and French about how I lied about their product, how I was retarded, not using the right avatar, her friends said it worked right, and that I was blacklisted, banned, and would be reported for defamation of her products. Responded back as calm and maturely as I could but things would become rather chaotic and almost banworthy for me, the merchant and one of her stooges over the next 30 mins. Next day, the product was removed from the MP and re-posted hours later. I flagged the product and reported the merchant but don't think anything happened to them, but the product did do another disappearing/reappearing trick and I couldn't flag it again for reposting. Ugh...StLc
  2. That sounds so much like a merchant I had a falling out with that's big in the kids' side of SL, it isn't funny. Well, I'm not exactly a merchant in-game, I do a bit of freelancing illustration work, sometimes using SL as a way of getting customers and have received my share of reviews and critiques of differing qualities. When I first got into doing artistic matters seriously I was a bit defensive of anything that was less than what could be considered a 5 star review but as time went on and a bit more art school, I kind of developed a tougher skin to the stuff though I'm also a major critic of myself. Feel I take me much longer to finish stuff now but I guess at times it's worth it. Just feel some folks are just divas that need to understand that not every one of their products are perfect and that just because some gives a criticism on the overall functionality or the design, it's not an attack on you unless they actually say some malicious stuff. Shoot you may find out that you actually did miss a mistake or got an awesome idea out of it thanks to someone not just be a kiss-up. ;
  3. Sadly, a lot of merchants are just scum like that and in the end you can't really do much about it. Gaming the system to make Had a falling out with a big named merchant in the kids' side of SL awhile back because of a simple misunderstanding over criticism about a new product that was in open beta for the customers to try out. Just discussed how this bit of unrigged TD clothing I bought having a resizer in this article of unrigged mesh clothes and being no-mod made it kind of tricky to effectively fit it onto my TD avatar that wasn't supermodel skinny and that there was also small bug in the scripting that made it break when trying to change the appearance. Overall the product wasn't half bad, it looked very nice as their products usually do and was a good start to something cool. Even gave the product 4 stars. I log on a day later to find the most childish wall of insults and broken grammar ever about how I was lying and that their friends claimed that it was perfect and that I was banned and blacklisted from their sim. I responded back as calmly as I could, puzzled beyond belief but couldn't get through to the person then made the stupid move of throwing the IMs all over various major kids' chat groups. Resulted in a bunch of harassment from one of their CSR and being demonized in their store group. Luckily, I wasn't suspended but unfortunately with my reports about them, neither were they. Found the product relisted a day after with 2.5 pages worth of phony positive reviews, flagged it, sighed and went on my way. I regret my equally immature actions (Irony being an SL Kid ) and have tried to push aside my frustration towards the store's owner and their minions. I agree, we really can't do much about this stuff since LL doesn't do much about it or even supports it even when they have it against their TOS. I just don't get people anymore.
  4. Yeah I guess that is for the best. I'm just going to stress myself out more than I should trying resolve this matter. Probably did get lucky with whatever admins that may have check into the situation because this matter is just rather messed up. Going to try and put this out of my mind and go on with my own ventures and junk in game.
  5. Well not sure why I didn't post about this until now. I guess it was coming across someone who had a similar situation happen to them and also seeing another get treat just fine for the same type of actions. EDIT: TLDR Version: Merchant providing poor customer service and retiliating in a childish manner due to minor criticism. Pretty much this is the story about one of the bigger merchants amongst the kids' community. Had two experiences with them, one that was a bit my fault for being away from the game so long but the more recent one is more on their side. So anyways, my first experience with this merchant's poor customer service skills was from an item that I accidentally declined on its arrival. The item came just a split second after I decline one of those annoying "join our group" notices. So quickly decided to IM the merchant and see if they could resend the item. I was told to find the ID number for its delivery and post it back to them. Now at the time I didn't know about all about the product ID number and where to actually find it. I had been away from this game for a few years. Quite a bit of stuff had changed since I played back in the early 2000s, XStreet to Marketplace, etc. So asked them for direction on where to go to get this info which I was met with being called a noob and various other insults related to how long I've been in the game and didn't know anything. So had to find the info myself which eventually got me the item but still a rather bad taste was left from their actions. Just chalked it up to them maybe having a bad day. The second situation was with a product of theirs I bought off the marketplace. So having not had too many issues with the person or their products up until a few months ago I had no complaints. So the matter was that an unrigged mesh clothing item that they had made that didn't exactly fit my toddleedoo. The item was no mod and only had a resizer that was rather on the simplistic side, only providing 5%/10%/15% sizing at the time. These settings were nowhere near exact enough for my taste (kind of OCD so I have to have an accessary equipped as spot on as possible otherwise it drives me crazy). So knowing the history of this merchant and them being completely anti-mod on their products, even clothing, kind of made the thought of asking for a moddable version kind of moot. Everything other than the resizer was decent enough being it was a beta item but it did have one little scripting issue for it's texture changing function. Pretty much wanting to give everyone this little tidbit about the product, I posted a review that gave the item a bit of positive light but also a bit of criticism related to the issues I said before and leaving it with 4 stars. I was able to leave that many stars because beyond the little quirks being it was a beta product, it was very well built mesh. So I log onto SL the next day to find that I got an IM from the merchant. I was wondering if it could have been related to them either thanking me for bringing up the quirks but found it was far from it. What I found was the merchant insulting me about how I was lying about their product, how their friends said it was absolute great and that there was nothing wrong with the scripts, they were perfect because of the previous reason. I was told I would be banned and blacklisted if I said anymore "lies" again for her product reviews. Ok so this kind of pissed me off so I responded with a bit of defense toward my views of the product and how I was trying to help. I also brought up how she was being immature towards my criticism both in her actions and in her manner of typing. It was like I was arguing with a kid even though you know it's an adult behind the avatar... I was also insulted on how I wasn't supposedly using the avatar that the item was made for which I was and that I wasn't using "her" shape which she claimed was on the MP page but was non-existant. Along with this I was called an idiot, a retard, and just overally bashed as supposedly being stupid. So eventually I was banned and blacklisted by her for responding not in a kiss-up type manner that she's probably used to. After this I did some rather questionable things that I know are bannable offenses but I wanted to bring out all the people she had screwed over amongst the kids' community. I posted my chat logs with her to show her rather awful customer service skills in a few kids groups. This got a few folks to come out that had some negative experiences with her, some that went straight to defending her and others just not wanting any of this drama brought to the groups. So after feeling regrets after this originally good feeling action, I was sent some IMs from one of this merchant's csr members. At first it seemed like this person was on my side in however it soon became yet another pointless argument with someone who acted just like their child avatar. The constant uses of retard, mentally challenged and just over insults to demean my intellect kept on. This was followed by them saying that they were having their whole store group report me for defamation and for the chat note posting. I told the person that they were only throwing more fuel on the first for my defense but that didn't seem to matter to them. Following this argument, the next day I found that the product that this whole matter was about had been removed from their MP page and was later reposted with several of her more loyal customers give the usual positive 5 star reviews that really don't say too much about the product most of the time. I've seen said customers review other products of theirs hence considering them loyal to her. It just annoys me how a business can get away with disrespecting some of their customers and not have anyone bat an eye. I've also seen her have reviews flagged into oblivion many times over because they aren't declaring her products' perfection. Just wish folks would actually care about said matters rather than act like it doesn't happen because they have yet to meet with the not so nice side that this merchant has. I run into many that will consider you a liar if you say she has done anything wrong. Guess all that folks care about is nice looking stuff at a cheap price.
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