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  1. Damn... I feel your pain. Some merchants and their fanbases can be such scumbags at times. Had a kids stuff merchant do this to me awhile back because I left a 4-Star review on some clothing they made that praised some of the perks of the item but brought up some bugs and other little issues I had with it. The product was in beta so you would think that the creator would want feedback in their reviews, like how a script for retexturing the mesh would break after each use and the clothing which was meant to fit all mesh kid avatars, specifically Toddleedoos (which I have) didn't fit unless I ma
  2. That sounds so much like a merchant I had a falling out with that's big in the kids' side of SL, it isn't funny. Well, I'm not exactly a merchant in-game, I do a bit of freelancing illustration work, sometimes using SL as a way of getting customers and have received my share of reviews and critiques of differing qualities. When I first got into doing artistic matters seriously I was a bit defensive of anything that was less than what could be considered a 5 star review but as time went on and a bit more art school, I kind of developed a tougher skin to the stuff though I'm also a major critic
  3. Sadly, a lot of merchants are just scum like that and in the end you can't really do much about it. Gaming the system to make Had a falling out with a big named merchant in the kids' side of SL awhile back because of a simple misunderstanding over criticism about a new product that was in open beta for the customers to try out. Just discussed how this bit of unrigged TD clothing I bought having a resizer in this article of unrigged mesh clothes and being no-mod made it kind of tricky to effectively fit it onto my TD avatar that wasn't supermodel skinny and that there was also small bug in t
  4. Yeah I guess that is for the best. I'm just going to stress myself out more than I should trying resolve this matter. Probably did get lucky with whatever admins that may have check into the situation because this matter is just rather messed up. Going to try and put this out of my mind and go on with my own ventures and junk in game.
  5. Well not sure why I didn't post about this until now. I guess it was coming across someone who had a similar situation happen to them and also seeing another get treat just fine for the same type of actions. EDIT: TLDR Version: Merchant providing poor customer service and retiliating in a childish manner due to minor criticism. Pretty much this is the story about one of the bigger merchants amongst the kids' community. Had two experiences with them, one that was a bit my fault for being away from the game so long but the more recent one is more on their side. So anyways, my first experience
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