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  1. yeah I rent. Ok, I will speak to the Landlord, again. Thanks guys.
  2. Hi, I am thinking of bringing two homesteads together side by side. Does anyone know the cost to do this?
  3. thank you guys for that, still don't know why my updated sl viewer takes absolutely ages to load though
  4. Hi, I am interested in the EEP project insofar as it provides the 24 hour day cycle etc. As yet I don't see on my about land tab the environment editor with the day offset etc buttons. I downloaded the newest sl viewer for that purpose and apart from the fact it takes a long while to load, the opportunity for day offset isn't there. is it me, or am I just too early for it?
  5. You can't buy a homestead from the Lab unless you have and keep a full region first. Does that mean you CAN buy a homestead from another Land Agent?
  6. thank you Cindy. I can't see why it makes business sense unless they prefer people renting. I certainly can't afford to pay out for a full region either to set it up, or to continue paying the tier it would require, so as a result they lose a sale. Pity!
  7. Hello. With the drop in land pricing I was interested in buying the homestead I currently rent. However I understand that one cant buy a homestead without owning a full region first. Is this true, and if so, can anyone tell me why?
  8. I keep clicking on my home control pannel and it keeps giving me an error message. How can this be fixed.
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