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  1. I have done and checked everything and yet my avatar keeps sitting in between animations what can I do thanks
  2. I feel like such a dummy I was being trained on a hud. The person training me used their hud and I sat on something which gave them permissions to my avatar. Is there a way to remove that from them? Someone told me no this cannot be undone so this person can take my lindens? The person who trained me is no longer in my Second Life but not an enemy and I was told Linden by another friend that they can control you in any place in Second Life plus steal your lindens. Any suggestions and wow I should have had a V8 what a stupid move on my part but I was not knowlegeable of what sitting on that would result in
  3. I sure hope someone can help me. I have the Belleza Venus mesh body. Whenever I wear the Omega Appliers and if I crash even or log off, I have saved the outfit I return and I am totally naked. I have tried on many occasions to contact Belleza and never seem to get an answer and they have no advice in their notecards. If anyone can help it would be great thanks!
  4. I work for a tribute band in Second Life it seems everytime this one person does the stream for the show I never hear the music and my partner has to pipe it in from private voice. Is it possible that this individual (she does not like me and is jealous) I have no issues with her. Can she somehow prevent me from hearing the stream? As far as I know she does not have me blocked. Others have streamed and I always hear their stream. Thanks.
  5. I followed the instruction for my slink feet high yet there still is a space you can see through on my feet. What else can I do to fix this?
  6. I was going through my inventory and noticed an object named GoonSquad Party box. Like a dummy I opened it and it put different items in my inventory. I immediately deleted all items and emptied my trash. Did another search, had someone check my avatar and I DO not use any RLV items. My question is what is this? and how do I be sure that it really is gone. I was at a sim trying on demo hair and it appeared to be being griefed so I logged out could someone have put this in my inventory without my knowledge? I never accept items from anyone I do not know
  7. This would be the second time in a year that someone is moving my avatar. I work in SL as a musician and unfortunately there is a employee who is insanely jealous of me. Everytime she is in a show with me it seems my avatar moves off the stage and will not stop. What is she using and where did she get it? and how can I stop it. Hope someone knows this answer. Thanks :)
  8. Very well said I should know I am in one and no one should knock it till they have truly been in a tribute band in sl. Oh and one note I also am a rl female musician. I love bringing any music in any form to those who cannot get out to see a rl show because of disabilities
  9. Awesome reply well said:smileyhappy:
  10. I work for a "tribute band" in SL. For all of you who have never done so be aware that you use your own lindens to make the avatar look exactly like the original real life band member you are portraying. Some of these can run in the amount from 200 lindens to up to 1500L. Plus you have to buy the instruments which start at around 400L up to over 1500L. Then you also need to purchase the huds to make these instruments work with cost 3000L or more. You have to learn these huds and also watch videos if you chose of the original bands to make sure your avatar is moving like the real life artist does. Also you have to present chat in local as well to the crowd who comes to see you. I can assure you its not just someone playing a stream and people standing up there pretending. It is a sl job that I am proud to say I love doing. The pay we get is not the point we do alot of Relay for Life charity. Alot of disabled people in Second Life cannot get out in RL to go see the real life bands. And as for U2 well they exist in Tribute bands in SL. I know I did Bono. For the girl who dogged this don't knock it till you try it. Otherwise don't come we do it for the love of music. Being a rl musician in my rl its awesome to perform in SL as well for others who cannot get out to see the real thing and somethings watching youtube just is not enough.
  11. I perform in SL and was on stage. I sat at a piano and when I got up something made my avatar move into a corner of the stage then off the stage. I did not see anything in infa-red and I tried to log off and could not. It took 3 reboots of my computer and the modem. What could they have used to do this?
  12. We removed the sim surround and yet the map is still showing black.
  13. My partner was terraforming now he has removed the sim surrond and still the land is not showing everything still looks black any suggestions? Called LL they said file a ticket using anything lol
  14. My partner was terraforming our land to add more water etc. Now our sim just is black on the map it shows no land. Who takes the pictures for the maps in Second Life?
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