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  1. Yes, well as you and several others mentioned, I had too many other body parts enabled, in this case I had the torso joints enabled. I disabled all joints except for the shoulders, elbows and hands. Now it works great with my AO on. Thanks again!
  2. Got it figured out, thanks everyone for the help!
  3. I am wearing my AO in the GIF. When I made the pose I had the torso enabled, could that be the issue? Is priority 4 correct?
  4. I have no experience making posing animations and I'm trying to create a pose for a fur hand warmer, one that you can walk with and not override the AO. I'm using Anypose BVH and I disabled the leg, neck and head joints but now she walks with a silly gait and her head bobs around. I uploaded it as priority 4. Can anyone advise? https://gyazo.com/46a547bffc13def661c5e1f42dfe53ee
  5. Thank you, Bitsy So would you or others know or recommend to use a temp rezzer or ?? since the customer will be dealing with a house that has multiple parts unlinked?
  6. That's what I was afraid of. I did not purchase it on the MP and the demo at the store did had the door linked so I could not walk inside of it What's the ick factor of leaving the porch unlinked and phantom? I really don't have any other choices at this point I've put in a ton of work and it's the center piece of my set.
  7. I purchased a mesh house template and it appears to have several issues. First and most major, there is a separate mesh entry way/front porch which has one of those invisible bumps that causes you to walk up and out through the wall/ceiling. When I unlink it from the rest of the house and turn it phantom the issue goes away. Second the floor of the house has several holes in it that cause you to sink in. That is easy enough to cover with an invisible prim, but the front porch issue is pretty major. I've sent multiple notecards and IM's to both the store owners with no response and this project is due by the 1st. Can someone please help me??!! Thank you!
  8. Season of the Witch is a premier event company with a focus on bringing high quality & unique events to the Second Life platform. SotW events are rooted in Witchcraft, Paganism, the Occult and the realms of dark fantasy. Always treading the line between the worlds where the veil is thinnest. Join us on this path. Please visit our website for more information. https://witchseasonsl.wixsite.com/seasonofthewitch Currently we are in production for The April Witch event coming April 7th, 2018. We are looking for an experienced Designer Liaison/Production Assistant to join our team for ongoing projects. Currently we are producing two events a year with plans to expand. Job Title: Designer Liaison (Applicant must have previous experience working events in this, or similar, capacity) Start Date: ASAP Job Description: *Scouting designers for sponsor positions *Sending personalized invitations to potential sponsor designers *Advertising & marketing when applications open *Updating social media (FB/Flickr/Plurk) *Sending invites and designer welcome packs to approved designers *Sending updates and communication through the in world group *Front line communication with designers throughout the course of the event Bonus skills: *Sim building knowledge *Interior design *Wix knowledge *Graphic design *Photography This is a paid position. The SotW team is on US Eastern standard time. Must be fluent in English. Please fill out our form here: https://goo.gl/forms/uCS2Fx6fHKf3He4J3 We will contact qualified applicants for an interview. Thank you for your interest!
  9. As mentioned above, need a competent texture artist to complete a project texturing a mesh dress in black latex by March 29th. Please IM me inworld with your rate. Thanks!
  10. Looking for someone with experience with rigged mesh for fitmesh bodies and accessories, (necklaces, rings, shoes). Me: Busy store, very active in events, ongoing work to be had. Hit me up inworld: insilvermoonlight
  11. Can anyone suggest a script to override the arms only? Or create one for me? Thank you! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/ME**bleep**-Fur-Jacket-with-Leather-Dress-LIMITED-EDITION/10392831
  12. Thank you for the info. I still don't know where to find the creation kit. I will keep looking.
  13. Sorry if this is the wrong forum, I asked in creation already and no help. I have textured my first Maitreya specific template and need a Maitreya logo for my vendor ad, (already have the slink and belleza one.) I've searched the store and found nothing. I'm in a tme crunch and need one quickly. Can anyone give me a tip or share one with me inworld? Like this one but with an alpha channel so I can place it on my ad. 
  14. I searched the store and couldn't find it
  15. One like this, with an alpha chanel? 
  16. Does anyone know where I can get an alpha Maitreya logo to use on one of my vendor ads? Thank you in advance!
  17. Hello all On Oct 8th I cashed out my lindens for USD for the first time. A couple days after initiating the process credit I received an email from LL asking me to verify my identity which I did using their net verify site. I was also asked to submit proof of my address which I also did promptly. Upon submitting said documents the case was closed immediately with no further communication or acknowledgment. So I wait, hoping that the situation is resolved. 5 days later my process credit is still pending. Since then I have submitted three more tickets. Each ticket gets a form reply, stating that I need to follow a link, read the instructions and submit what ever information they need. However the link goes back to my initial closed case. There does not appear to be anything on this page to fill out or comment on. In addition to that, the email goes on to say if I have any further questions to reply to the email and when I do, I find that the current ticket has been closed as well. This has happened three times now. Is LL messing with me? What am I missing? I even tried live chat and was told they could not help me with processing credit issues. Anyone have any thoughts on this issue? I could really use some advice at this point. Thanks!
  18. Hello all, I'm a fairly new user to texture change HUDs. The one I use is from TD templates which uses face numbers that you apply your UUID to. Today I ran into an issue with a mesh template I'm using, which is a cardigan layered over a tee shirt. Out of the standard 5 sizes one of them has the faces mislabeled. For instance, I want to texture change the tee, not the cardigan. The tee is face number 0 on all but one, this one has the cardigan as face number 0. So I can't use my handy dandy HUD from TD templates. :((( Are there HUDs available that use another method to change other than face numbers? If so can you give me some recommendations? I've looked through the MP, but the listings don't detail how the hud works. HELP! I have only a few days to get this work done for an event!!! Thank you in advance!
  19. Also do I need to do anything with the about land tab? For instance I see there is a box for allowing access to my particular group.
  20. Thank you for your reply Amethyst. I did know that already. What I wasn't sure of is the exact boxes to check. Is it the "create" box? And also on the subject of auto return. I am still not clear on how to do that. Thanks again.
  21. Morning all, I need to figure out how to set rezz rights for members of my group. I would also like to set auto return just incase someone forgets to pick up their stuff before they leave. Currently the parcel is set to the group. Can anyone walk me through this? Thank you!
  22. evenin all, as stated above, I'm not at the point where I make mesh yet, but I need a nice 3D sign of my stores logo. Of course since I will be using it for events, it needs to be low LI with a stong LOD. I have the font and can provide. Please inworld me if you are interested. Let me know what your pay requirements are up front, I really don't want to do the, well how much do you have to pay me?, dance. I will pay you a fair rate for you time, just let me know what that is and we will go forward. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to speaking with you more.
  23. I need a pose based off of this picture. It does not need to be exact, as I realize posing avatars has its limits. A standing pose would probably make my life easier in the long run, (I would rather not fuss with finding an appropriate couch on which to pose the avatar, so standing would be easiest for me.) I am most concerned with the arm holding the cigarette and the direction of the head, (looking back, slightly over the shoulder.) It is my intention to capture the essence of this pose and to show off a backless gown. Also the right arm can be bent with the hand on the hip rather than propped up on the couch as pictured. Please contact me inworld with a quote for you work. Payment on approval. (p.s I need one pose but if you can come up with more based on this, then great, I'm open to your creative input.)
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