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  1. Erm ,as it was his sim I would have expected him to account for my lost objects.. There are not two sides to this I was paying him my hard earned money to rent from him so I believe I have rights as a tenant. Don't know what you're insinuating btw:matte-motes-frown:
  2. An update, I'm now renting mainland and it's cool, i just pay rental box and I never see my landlord. I have kept in touch with a few of the other residents from the previous place i rented and it's come as no surprise to me that they have moved on from there as well, :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
  3. Ty very much, I'll have a look . I have 1 week left at current place , but may leave sooner as he is starting to creep about the houses now.:womanfrustrated:
  4. Has anyone else had an ill-mannered landlord? I asked mine if he could change the colour of my walls in the flat I'm renting as my lights are light coloured and the walls are bright white. He was really rude about my lights being ugly, this is coming from a guy whose original wall color was bright hot pink ! I've unfortunately a week to live there as rent is paid but i just feel like leaving now. He also got really annoyed when i asked him for a group tag , so i could rezz my stuff, has anyone else had a rotten experience like this? Do we actually have any rights as tenants? My objects are s
  5. Sorry to hear about your graphics card, yeah safe hubs are dodgy places and seem to attract griefers. if you are stuck for somewhere safe to stay contact me inworld, there's a small piece of land available just now that belongs to a friend who never uses it. :matte-motes-grin:
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