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    LuxeLA rp

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for roommates to live with me at the LuxeLa rp sim. Message me inworld @ nahladahl for more info if interested.
  2. Hello! Does anyone know what stores sell cars that need gas?
  3. I actually love the boob, hips, and butt on it and normally I never stray from my legacy body. But yah it’s surprising the creator hasn’t released any clothing. I don’t even think I’ve seen any promotion toward the body. ‘The body is BOM compatible so at least it has that.
  4. Just recently found out about the Mirana body and I love it. Just sad to see that no one is creating clothes for it. Does anyone know if there are stores that sell clothing for it?
  5. I like to add a bit of realism to my role play and wanted to know if there’s a common hud that people use to get pregnant? I like it to be a surprise.
  6. Hello! I’m looking for friendly, social places to hangout with a decent number of people. Any recommendations?
  7. Added you three in world. Hopefully it went through.
  8. Hello everyone! I recently came back to SL after another long break and now have no friends to hang with or talk to. Currently most of my SL consists of trying on new clothes, taking pictures, and then logging off. I like fashion, photography, and exploring Second life. I also like to role-play in those family orientated sims. If you have more questions or want to get to know me better, add me inworld at nahladahl resident.
  9. I would love to live in a community sim but would find it pointless and boring if I’m living by myself. I think it would be way more fun to have roommates. I’m pretty easy going so I don’t really have rules. Just looking for adults and human avatars only. Looking to live in Boca raton or Bayside community sims.
  10. 1) How do I make my wind light change instantaneous? Every time I switch to a new one, it slowly loads the new one. 2) How do I change the rearview camera so that I can see the environment and not just my avatar?
  11. Hello everyone! I'm looking to practice my photography. Since this is practice, I will not be charging anything. I'm looking to do personal portraits, profile pictures, ads and more. Message me inworld @ nahladahl resident if you're interested. You can see examples of my work here : https://www.flickr.com/photos/105927378@N06/
  12. Messages sent! Still looking for roommates.
  13. I finally have a home. I live in the gorgeous Vistas community and am looking for one or two roommates. I don't have any rules, you can invite whoever and do whatever you want. Take a look at the community here : https://www.thevistas-sl.com/?fbclid=IwAR3miEf6pbKlyWf-SaRv3eqCIRsKWAPhoiZ3zdtnHz4inR2mt9-zHSMGeDU and message me here or inworld if you're interested!
  14. I would love to find people to explore SL with and take pictures. Maybe turn it into an RP group? Also looking for a home to live in. Please message me inworld with your requirements. Open to currently any ideas.
  15. Super happy with my avatar! Took me forever to get her right. Modeled her after my favorite Bollywood actresses.
  16. Hello everyone! I'm Mastani. Been on and off SL since I first started in 2013. Would love to find people to hang with and chat. I love shopping, exploring, roleplaying, and practicing my photography. Don't know what else to put but feel free to message me or add me as a friend 😄
  17. Hello! I plan on moving into a roleplay community and was looking for multiple roommates. I'm looking for human adult avatars to room with so no child avatars or furries. I'm pretty easy going and don't have any rules. You can bring friends over and decorate your space however you'd like. Feel free to contact me on here or inworld at nahladahl resident.
  18. Hello everyone! I'm back on SL again and would love to find some friends to hang out with. I love exploring, photography, and shopping. I also love roleplaying and am currently looking for a family RP sim to live on. Feel free to message me here or inworld at nahladahl resident
  19. Looking for someone to make custom eyebrows for the Genus mesh head. Haven't been able to find anything I like. Willing to pay whatever price.
  20. So Im looking to move in a rp community, still haven't decided which one but it'll be an urban/community type. I would love to have roommates to RP with and create crazy scenarios or just have roommates in general. If interested in roleplaying or making a new friend, just throw me a notecard inworld or a message on here.
  21. Hello everyone! I'm looking for friends to hang out with inworld. I love fashion and shopping. I'm also a huge fan of photography and love exploring the grid and finding places to do photoshoots. Hit me up inworld @ nahladahl resident and let's hang out!
  22. So my character currently lives in the Cumberland roleplay and is an international model. I would love to have people to roleplay with. I'm up for any and all scenarious. I do love driving and flying around the sims. You can send me an IM inworld @ nahladahl resident if you would like to rp with my character.
  23. I recently bought a small home in a rp community and am looking for a roommate. The rp community is quite big as it has a total of 35 sims so it's great to drive around on. There's quite a bit of shops and events. The community is active. Only human avatars as thats the community policy. You will be free to do whatever you want in the home. For more info you can message me inworld @ nahladahl resident.
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