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  1. On 11/12/2018 at 12:47 AM, Lancewae Barrowstone said:

    The poster was patient through a lot of jibberish.  If she returns I want to suggest that you can download a vpn service in less than a minute, and for a few bucks a month secure your traffic from your computer to the vpn server of your choice somewhere in the world, then on to SL and back.  This answers your concerns and thwarts the nosy guys around a university who are not criminal minded seeking bank accounts but are interested in the private lives of girls and how to snoop on them thru fun hacking.

    Only subscribe to a vpn that allows you to see the server list and the percentages of load on each server, so you can choose one in a good location and under light load each time you log in.  I know of one such service and I won't mention it's name but I think it starts with "N" and ends with "n."  Just choose one of their servers on their list that is close the the SL servers in San Francisco or else close to your own location so that traffic is most direct. 

    You know there is no total security on the internet and don't need to be preached to and told snarkily to alter your behaviour.  To answer your initial concern, this should ease your mind about local snoops on the university network.

    Best of luck, lass.

    Thank you very much

    The snooping is mostly an example, just have to keep my name off record for now ?

    Was thinking about a VPN but honestly with the slow network I got I think it will make it all a bigger pain

    On 11/12/2018 at 1:35 AM, Bradford Mint said:

    Just to point out that I think she said she didn't want to use a VPN.

    (Plus, the university may not pass the VPN traffic - unknown to us at this point)


  2. 2 hours ago, Solar Legion said:

    I really wish there was a "groan" button right about now.... 

    Short of having direct access to your machine to place some sort of monitoring software, anyone looking to intercept Second Life chat or Instant Messages will have to sort all of the other traffic going through the node they choose to tap into. 

    Even writing and using a program to do so is far more trouble than it is worth. There is nothing of real value being transmitted through Second Life's chat systems to warrant the effort. 

    "groan" has been registered and moved along to the appropriate departments :)

    I don't think its that hard to do and to find a way to filter it even without looking for that spasficlly

    2 hours ago, Bradford Mint said:

    I'm a bit yes and no on this one.  They don't need direct access to the machine, only the transmission media and given that the use case is an academic institution, that suggests shared access somewhere along the line. In reality, at the local LAN level, I would expect the switch ports to isolate client traffic so the only people who would be sniffing the aggregate data would be admins or someone who has access to set up port mirroring on the switch.  Similarly, any good configuration of a wireless AP in a public area would have AP Client Isolation enabled for the same purpose although wireless presents other opportunities.

    As for filtering?  That's trivial with a network sniffer, just set up a filtering rule to exclude/include traffic as appropriate, no sifting required.  You'd do that at the capture level so only cursory additional investigation required later to inspect the actual captured traffic.

    Whether it's worth it?  I'm with you on that one, the OP is just trying to avert any embarrassment that might come up from peers and the simple solution as others have said is "don't use SL on a shared media" or use a VPN.  Sufficient solutions exist for this specific issue and while they not be desirable, are easier to implement than trying to get LL to implement a change instead.

    I think I may have been a little unclear on that part

    Its not that this case is the only reason I ask for this, its just the one that push me to go out and really look out if its all ready done before I go on opening a Jira asking for it

    The base reason is simply that I feel it simply should be secured

    compere to other work Linden Lab dose I assume over all that this is not that huge request and again this is not a breaking case, this is just a thing that I think should be there, over all I assume most of the SL residents as my self as well on that assume that the chat is simply secure, I mean I will not pass passwords or anything like that on it anyway, but I at least assume the basic of it being on even a small level secure


    And sure it may not be easy to get LL to do something about it, and hell how much can one even really expect them to do it, if they did not so far, but I can be optimistic anyway, so or so don't think it matters for you if they do it or not, for me it just be "nice to have" thing, so or so its not a world changer



    On any case Jira case opened:


  3. 3 hours ago, Love Zhaoying said:

    Have you considered filing a JIRA for a feature request?

    ... wanted to make sure its not "fixed" yet before I do, there for this post

    2 hours ago, Solar Legion said:

    Since it is still being harped on: There is very little of any real worth/value to make it worthwhile for someone to go to the trouble of putting a sniffer on your machine, just to read Second Life chat/IMs.

    No, really ... There simply isn't.

    On top of that there are other ways to gain access to that information, starting with silently copying your logs (if any) every once in a blue moon.

    Take the standard precautions on your end and just get on with your (Second) Life.

    Ya but for them to get my logs it means they need to get on my system first, something I assume is some what harder then simple sniff of the network


    I know there is always that one, but really?

    I did not say I am leaving or stop using SL because of this no did I call out a red alert to call out the troops

    Yet I think its legit to ask and be given a secure chat

    I am not holding my breath or stopping my (Second) life on this

    But I do think its worth the time to ask for it

  4. 50 minutes ago, Love Zhaoying said:

    Tinfoil hat would be cheaper to solve OP’s issue..

    You do get I am talking about something that is existing and made up story right?

    I am fine with most jokes but this is all ready insulting

    This is not some mind control alien thing (that is completely a story made by Wakanda to distract us from there sinister aglets plan) but something that you can see if you take the time

    I am not going off Second Life because of it, but I do think they should put locks on the doors and not leave them open

    4 hours ago, Callum Meriman said:

    Most nation states are capable of it in one form or another.

    I just don't buy Bloomberg's chipped motherboard story, and neither do most experts. Consider that most corporations do have IDS systems. Any internal server dialing out to an unknown server is going to be trivially detected. Exfiltration of data is also going to be easily detected, especially if it reaches into the GB quantity.

    Placing a physically detectable bug on a device means it will be detected. If it's detected all hell will break loose as the Snowden leaks proved.

    I think any nation state would use other methods, such as altering BGP tables, installing viruses, employing APT, creating an encryption algorithm that used insecure primes, or applying brute state pressure to a company such as Apple, Google or Microsoft to get what they want.

    But if the security that looks for this sniffers are also made by China...

  5. 1 minute ago, Rhonda Huntress said:

    Nothing on the internet is ever truly secure.  Just like real world locks, any encryption is just there to make it inconvenient for people to steal your stuff.  Every lock can be broken; some easier than others.  It's the same with digital locks.

    Guess that mean my idea was close to what is there XD

    Honestly put this comment mostly to say LOVE that animation on the avatar picture ?

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  6. 32 minutes ago, Alyona Su said:

    @Red2Blaze You know, I am curious: when has LL ever said or written that anything in SL is supposed to be "secure"? Serious question, not trying to be snarky. Because as this subject percolates in my mind it kind of nags me that I can't think of any statement from anyone at LL saying (much less promising) that anything in SL or connection to SL is secure in any way in term of user privacy, other than their own policies.

    And then I was thinking, perhaps LL chats *are* secure from user to user inside SL (it all happens inside their system, right?) - BUT, even if it is secure, unless your network connection is encrypted (between your computer and your router) then anything that is secure is still in the open as if goes from your computer to your router and vice-versa. I always understood that's how the sniffing thing works.

    I suppose it's just a long way to say that I don't believe anyone has a reasonable expectation of "privacy" when using SL. LL can look at everything you say and do any time. :)

    And for anyone: this comment is really just me thinking aloud and throwing it up (BARF!) as food for thought. (Iknow: EEEW!)

    Well I think this some what show it:



    From what I heard Linden Lab don't allow the sharing of IM messages with out both sides consent (beside where its necessary like in case of scams) as in for example I am not allowed to just copy an IM I had with someone and post it

    Yet they leave it open for anyone to sniff it


    I am sure someone else here can give better then me knowledge about it but from what I understand someone can always sniff the data, even if its secure, thing is if its secure with the the key they will have some hard time reading it, like you will have when trying to pass a door

    On the other hand when the door is simply open... its a lot easier for someone to get in


    Over all I think on the same network its easier to sniff but its not like no one cant sniff stuff also outside of of the area you are in, even on the internet on its way

    Over all I do think that most SL residents just assume that IM is secure, I did not even think that it will simply be open to read till I just by chance found that post and was honestly surprised


    It may be something small but I believe privacy should just be a thing even more when we talking about what I think is very little work and very little cost on there side to run it

    4 minutes ago, Love Zhaoying said:

    Two words: chat logs.

    I personally do not understand how that related to what was quoted XD

    1 minute ago, Bitsy Buccaneer said:

    Sex, however and wherever it happens, should NEVER be out of your control.

    I guess I don't really mean completely out of my control, but in a way it is, as its in the end safe, nothing too bad can happen I think that cant be reversed in a virtual world

  7. 28 minutes ago, Alyona Su said:

    I understand the "network sniffing" thing - sure, plain text. But they can catch everything else, too. My point is if they are able to sniff your connection then chances are they have ways to at least *try* cracking into you. My comment was a simplified rhetorical word of caution, that's all; my point being SL chat ain't all that unless you're chatting your bank account passwords and stuff in it. :)

    Well sure then can try, but this is my main way to have internet now so stuck with it, and on any case il have that danger, but its better if what can be secure and should be secure will be secured

    17 minutes ago, Love Zhaoying said:

    But I don’t want anyone sniffing my pixel sx!

    I don't think they cant have your pixel sx, only your text in it

    So if you do it silently they cant hear it, and I don't think they can see it

  8. 6 minutes ago, purrrkitten said:


    Well if you're worried about your school monitoring what you're doing and reading your sexts, don't sext at school.




    That's what this is really about.

    Not completely, its mostly about simply not wanting something that is suppose to be private to be unprivate

    Beside that its not the university I fear :D

    6 minutes ago, Chaser Zaks said:

    If you are worried about people spying on you at a university, you can always use VPN.

    This will encrypt network traffic even though SL's network traffic is unencrypted(Aside from login which contains the password hash, that's encrypted!).

    mmm... ya that is an option I was thinking about, but that means slow network on top of the slow network i got and that also means I need to pay every mouth....

  9. 5 minutes ago, Chaser Zaks said:

    Yes and no.

    Yes, if you have some sort of malware or a hacker on your network, they can certainly spy on your network activities, or on a public network such as starbucks WiFi. Anyone can use wireshark to see network communications if they have promiscuous mode enabled on the modem. However they are much more interested in banking details than Second Life conversations.

    No, officially, only Linden Lab is able to see conversations and even then, it is a very few Lindens who have signed a special agreement who are allowed to investigate such conversations. Don't worry, they don't spy on you for fun. Only for abuse report reasons.

    I am aware they can be more interested in that, and I don't fear that much that type of stuff, yet all the same I prefer it if SL will do what seem to be pretty logical and secure the chats from client to server

    And like I said my reason is that where I am at is a University, part of it is guys doing "Cyber" stuff... so I do find it likely they will be looking around just for the fun of it

    And if my name comes up there...

    I don't think its a huge work or anything on Linden side to do it, and I think its something that should be there what ever the case is, there is no real reason not to do it

    But beside that i mostly wonder if something changed from 2015 or not

    And from your message do I need to understand then that means nothing changed yet? :/

    3 minutes ago, purrrkitten said:



    Don't sext over sl in a public area then.

    I try to keep my RP realistic, as in what is possible in the frame of the world is possible in my RP, and can happen

    So at times sexting is out of my control


    Besides.... even with out sexting that is one reason for me, i honestly prefer my chats even more IM's to remain private :D


  10. 4 minutes ago, Alyona Su said:

    If you're on public Wi-Fi or network, seeing your SL chat is the least of your worries. If they can see that, they can likely browse your system folders, I would imagine.

    Not from my understanding

    Point is Second Life sends are chats on the network as text, when we talk on here on the forums for example the little lock up in the address of the site area means that its secure so when its sent from my PC to the servers, and then to you, its all secured and encrypted so someone on my network cant really see it they see some mambo jambo they need to find a way to read making it really hard for them

    But when its sent as test anyone on the network can "grab it" from it and read it, as its not encrypted they don't have to do any work on it or anything they can just go out and read it (you can see someone showing that on the second page of the post I linked)

    Beside that I think it may even be possible for them to change the text messages so they can maybe even send stuff like we said them, or make it look like someone sent us something they did not but that is only a guess on my side of things

  11. So I found this post back from 2015: 

    Seeing that now I am in a public internet area (study) I got some what scared on that, they have a study filed for "hacking" and stuff so I fear someone may be looking over the network, and make things a little akwared for me later on :/

    So wanted to ask if anyone knows if this was ever "fixed" or something, or is my IM and chat yet completely exposed to 3rd party's?


  12. So i notice these for a while, was guessing it was just a server issue for a while, but its going on for a while all ready

    Cant find anyone else asking about it so i guess its time


    When i try to search something in the SL wiki i get the error:

    Unauthorized access to internal API. Please refer to https://support.google.com/customsearch/answer/4542055

    You may want to look into that to fix it, really a pain when trying to read the wiki right

  13. On 11/26/2017 at 7:35 AM, Rolig Loon said:


    Exactly.  That's why I suggested that the only solution left to you is to replace the disabled HUDs with your backup copies.

    I know its a real pain :(

    Just hope Linden find what makes that happen and can maybe block it, so ill not have to do it again when ill be done

    2 hours ago, Nalates Urriah said:

    You are correct that a reset returns a script to a default state. The problem is what the programmer designed the default state to be. There is no universal default state for all scripts.

    I make Appliers. Almost all of the Appliers for Slink, Maitreya and others use the same basic workflow to protect their and my work. The script is given to me by Slink, Belleza, or whoever in a startup state. It is waiting for me to tell it how to use my HUD's buttons and where to paste the textures I am using, tattoo, skin, clothes, etc.. I tell it that information by writing information into a notecard according to instructions provided. With the HUD rezzed on the ground and with the Slink, Maitreya, or whatever Applier script loaded, I drop in my notecard. The Applier reads the card and pulls the information into memory then deletes the note card. Thus the UUID of my texture which could be taken from the card is hidden. The Slink maker protects their communications with their product and commerce moves ahead with a minimum of trust required between all parties.

    If you reset one of these Appliers, all the information from my card is cleared. The applier is then in a "default" state waiting for a card to be added. For the end user it is non-functional, appearing broke. Certainly not the default state an end user would likely expect.

    For various reasons other scripts do similar things. Some scripts are designed with solely the end-user in mind and can be reset without issue. My point is you cannot anticipate with any certainty what the "default" state will be.

    I am aware of that, how ever in the case of the HUD's that i talk about here, i am pretty sure thinking about it form the scripting side, that there is very little chance they will do it like that

    AO over all restart when they startup at least the type i had (you get messages about the loading the notecard info)

    And the body may have that, but over all i think that at least as long as there no castum items inside like something apply it needs to be fine, or at least function in some way so i world have at least known that it fixed the issue

    Thanks for the info any how, i get what you mean there, and ya shoud have likely been more cerfual with that

  14. On 11/24/2017 at 3:05 PM, Lindal Kidd said:

    If the scripts are shown as Not Running, you should simply be able to check the box to set them to Running...you should not have to remove and replace the scripts.  Yeesh, what a chore...and very prone to error.

    When the script is mod sure

    But when its not i am unable to active it

  15. On 4/6/2017 at 1:41 AM, Nalates Urriah said:

    Do you have originals of the HUD's? I mean the original unused HUD that came with your body.

    Since you have been clicking RESET, I am not surprised they stopped working.

    AFAIK, you are the only one having this problem.

    I honestly believe you are right and the HUD's are dead. Reset kills HUD's dependent on variables held in memory.

    Well found the issue and reset of the scripts was not related the HUD is suppose to just return to defualt i think


    Any how the issue is not the scripts are dead but disabled, it happen to an modfible script i had so was able to see the active box was ticked off


    Seem like i am not the only one now

    Any how it happen with a few objects all ready i luckly do have copys of it even that its a real pain as a RPer i got tons of copys of it that i need to replace hopfully done all of them i just hope it will not return again

  16. On 3/28/2017 at 7:57 PM, Nalates Urriah said:



    I dug through Firestorm this morning. There is no RESTART. You say you often RESTART the scripts by clicking RESTART... All the buttons you can click that I find are reSET. So, I am left wondering if you are running Firestorm in English or another language and that is where we are having a miscommunication. Whatever the buttons are labeled, the code behind them does the same thing: RESET. (http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlResetScript)

    To protect textures from theft, Slink saves the UUID in script memory. HUD's and various other scripts use similar tricks. Those that do will be killed by a reset. The script has NOT stopped working, it just cannot accomplish what it is supposed to and appears to do nothing. A script telling an object to switch to the NULL texture is not an error, so no error notice. The object can't switch to a NULL texture so it quietly does nothing.

    We have tens of thousands of people using Firestorm, the same AO's, the same HUD's, the same whatever... and not having this problem. So, the problem must be in your computer or your actions. If the rest of your computer is working normally, that pretty well eliminates it.

    That leaves your behavior/actions. Lag contributes to people thinking something is wrong and taking action to correct a non-existent problem, which then creates a problem. Lag may initially cause you to think you have a non-responsive HUD. Clicking RESET does nothing to remedy lag.

    What may happen is you click a HUD control. The viewer sends that instruction to the SL servers. Commands and status information for SL is transmitted via UDP, a quick simple protocol that has no error correction or resend features. The command can get lost and never get there. Most likely it is slow getting there. The server may be lagging to add to the problem or not. The status update that changes the render in your viewer may get lost coming back to you or more likely just be slow. By, slow I mean seconds. SL will struggle to maintain a connection and may do so even when lag is intermittently reaching 10 seconds. If you have clicked reSET before the update gets to you, the result is unpredictable. Your render may change and appear related to the reset-click only because they happen at the same time on your viewer. But, they are unrelated because of the lag. The render update is triggered by a click happening seconds before and you clicked just as it arrived. So, it appears the later click did the trick... and you mentally connect them for a rational reason.

    I suggest you change your thinking. It would be extremely unlikely that you are the only one experiencing a slow moving contagion of HUD deaths. Get a working HUD, AO, whatever. Assume it will remain working and something else is getting in its way. Leave the HUD or AO alone. Or may be change regions and attach and detach the HUD/AO. Bur do NOT reSET the HUD or AO. I suggest you contact the one that made the device and talk to them to see if the device can be reset without killing it. Other wise, just don't.

    With Firestorm I have noticed the built in AO coming on randomly and messing up my worn AO. I doubt the FS AO is turning itself on. A bad set of key presses or a missed click is the more likely cause. But, I didn't notice what I did to turn it on, so the FS AO appears to be self starting. If you have AO conflicts, your AO will often appear to have stopped working.

    FS has RLV. I have no idea how many times I have had to log off FS and relog with a Linden or other viewer to fix something. RLV often blocks a HUD's actions. For that reason a number of RLV players I know buy and wear clothes that do NOT require alpha layers. Once they are captured HUD's may not work and having parts of a mesh body alpha'd-out is a mood killer. To get things cleaned up after an RLV session can be a pain. Check your viewer's RLV setting. Taking off a RLV Relay won't clear the blocks it has put in place. You may have to remove it and relog.

    All this stuff, HUD's, AO's, etc., works. But, there are a ton of gotchas. You just have to find which one is biting you.

    You are correct sorry its Reset

    I all ready try to move sims, re-wear the HUD, re-log, log in deffrent time

    I was assuming it may have been lag, but dose not matter when i do it, or if there is lag or not, or anything else, the HUDs just seem completely dead, the AO dose not do a thing, no animation, no change of color to turn it on or off, not menus opening, its just not doing a thing


    I assume i am not alone on these, but i just cant figer out why it happens

    So far it happen as said with 2 AO's the Lara Mesh body HUD, and one more HUD i cant remember right now

    I honestly think they are dead, if i can il make up a video or something to just show what i mean

  17. 1 hour ago, Rolig Loon said:

    You probably won't have any more luck there, but give it a shot. You don't have access to technical help in support cases unless you're a Premium member, of course.  I've been scripting in SL for ten years, and Nalates really knows her way around the technical side of SL too. I can't imagine how to make HUDs behave like yours are.

    I think i am a premium memmber

    And ya i do not think its a problem with the HUDs them self, had them for a while with no issue, then lately there going one after the other..

  18. 6 minutes ago, Rolig Loon said:

    The only difference between those two options is that one of of them resets the particular script you have open, and the other resets all scripts in the object.  Neither one will reset scripts if you don't  have mod perms. I wish I could figure out what you are doing, though.  It's a real puzzle.

    So it just says that it restarts it but dose not really do it? well that is a bummer...

    I am not really sure if i need to try to connect support abut it, see if they can find something out

  19. So tested now, the House AO is completely dead, cant turn it off, cant turn it on, its just completely stuck

    So i open a new box and the new AO works, but thing is i want to find a way to stop it from happening, even if i had backup for all my HUDs its a pain to fix outfits over and over every time the HUD will get broken

  20. 5 hours ago, Love Zhaoying said:

    Hmm, when I am working on scripts I use the "Restart" button quite often. Are you saying the button only works on full-rights scripts, or the button is only available in some viewers?

    You talking abut 1

    I am talking abut 2

    And i think she is right abut 1 been only for scripts you can edit


    If i understand  you right


  21. 23 hours ago, Rolig Loon said:

    Oh, my.  I know I said that I was assuming that you had already tried that, but I was really hoping that you hadn't, and that it would solve things when you tried.

    There aren't many possibilities left.  In fact, there's only one that I can think of.  A HUD can't change anything all by ltself.  Your Maitreya HUD, for example, sends a signal to scripts in your Maitreya mesh body when you click on a HUD button.  It's like the remote that you use for a TV or stereo at home.  The HUD may be working fine, but the receiving script may be messed up. That's not easy to do, but some people believe that they should reduce their avatar's script count by deleting all of its scripts.  If you have done that, or anything that by accident, the solution is to rez a new copy of the body from the original box it came in and wear that.  (This is why you always save the backup copies, just in case.)  The new copy's scripts should be fine.  In fact, rez a new HUD while you;re at it.  Couldn't hurt.

    I do not think its the body it self, as the color of the body in the HUD dose not change, its honestly dose not seem to do anything

    Today it also happen to my horse AO... it just stop responding, cant make it do anything, going to see if tomorrow it will change and return to work or if i can get one that dose work some how

    3 hours ago, Nalates Urriah said:

    You say "restarting", but there isn't a "restart" option. You can set a script to NOT RUNNING or RUNNING. Getting to those controls on a no-mod script is VERY tricky.

    If you recompiled or reset, you likely broke the script. So, avoid doing those. You will need a new HUD. I know Slink provides a 're-delivery' terminal so people can get new copies of what they have purchased. I suspect most others do the same.

    Because of the way Appliers work, a RESET or RECOMPILE generally kills them. Some HUD's are similar. What they are doing is holding a bit of information in memory. You can detach a script and it will retain its memory. Doing anything that clears that hidden bit of information from memory permanently breaks the Applier/HUD. There is no way to repair it. Get a new one. This is why copies are important.

    If a HUD does not work, it often is the region you are in. If you log into a place where you cannot run scripts, a number of HUD's will never start even after TP/region change. A relog or remove and attach sequence in a place where you can run scripts is needed to wake them up. I generally log into my 'home' to avoid that problem.

    Rolig is right on with the removing scripts point. I keep a 'master' copy of my mesh body and use a 'working' copy of the body to wear. The same with the HUD. I can always make a new copy from the master and try it to see if my everyday copy is broken. But, I have seen nothing that kills HUD's or Appliers... other than users. Well, upgrades. Using the wrong HUD with the a different version body is a problem.

    So... while you may be convinced the HUD is dead, if you haven't RESET it, the problem is likely elsewhere.

    In Firestrom Viewer you have restart in the object under content tab, in the edit/build area

    I am not sure, going to play around and see, but from what i can see it seem to slowly spread from one HUD to the other, but maybe i am just doing something wrong, il try to do it again with more order, and see if i can find a reason

    Also abut the non-script area, well it happen to me a few times in the same Sim that has no non-script area as much as i know, it also allow rez

    Today it happen in a SLM sim to my Horse AO, there is no non-Script area there

    I really cant figer it out, but honesty as no one else seem to have it, i am guessing its likely really something i am doing or i don't know

  22. 46 minutes ago, Rolig Loon said:

    I assume that you have tried the obvious step of going to a different region or at least to a different parcel where you are sure that scripts are not disabled by the owner.  If you've turned off scripts on your own parcel, turn them back on.  If you have them turned on for group members only, be sure that you are wearing the group tag.  In general, there are few good reasons for disabling scripts, because that will turn off a lot of things that you really want to keep running.

    Otherwise, you have tried the common solutions (except clearing your cache, which does absolutely nothing but possibly make matters worse).


    Ya i did try that, did not seem to help sadly


    O.o il not clear the cache again next time, seen someone say some where it needs to help

  23. Lately my HUD scripts seem to die out one after the other, i do not know if its also the other scripts, but i all ready lost a AO, and 2 Mesh Body HUDs (so i have no belly now in my martriya one :( )

    I try any fix i was able to come up with, like detaching, and reattaching, restarting the scripts (using Firestorm viewer) dose not seem to help, they are just not responding, or if they are i cant seem to see it or use it, its a real pain and i do not know what to do, slowly it seem to effect more and more, and i do not know what is making it happen or how to fix it


    Fixes i try so far:

    Clearing Cash

    Restarting Scripts


    Wearing the same HUD but a deffrent copy (worked once, but seem like it only some times work)


    Any help with be a belly saver


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