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  1. Thank you very much The snooping is mostly an example, just have to keep my name off record for now ? Was thinking about a VPN but honestly with the slow network I got I think it will make it all a bigger pain Thanks
  2. "groan" has been registered and moved along to the appropriate departments I don't think its that hard to do and to find a way to filter it even without looking for that spasficlly I think I may have been a little unclear on that part Its not that this case is the only reason I ask for this, its just the one that push me to go out and really look out if its all ready done before I go on opening a Jira asking for it The base reason is simply that I feel it simply should be secured compere to other work Linden Lab dose I assume over all that this is not that huge req
  3. ... wanted to make sure its not "fixed" yet before I do, there for this post Ya but for them to get my logs it means they need to get on my system first, something I assume is some what harder then simple sniff of the network I know there is always that one, but really? I did not say I am leaving or stop using SL because of this no did I call out a red alert to call out the troops Yet I think its legit to ask and be given a secure chat I am not holding my breath or stopping my (Second) life on this But I do think its worth the time to ask for it
  4. You do get I am talking about something that is existing and made up story right? I am fine with most jokes but this is all ready insulting This is not some mind control alien thing (that is completely a story made by Wakanda to distract us from there sinister aglets plan) but something that you can see if you take the time I am not going off Second Life because of it, but I do think they should put locks on the doors and not leave them open But if the security that looks for this sniffers are also made by China...
  5. Guess that mean my idea was close to what is there XD Honestly put this comment mostly to say LOVE that animation on the avatar picture ?
  6. Well I think this some what show it: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Technical_overview_of_Second_Life_security From what I heard Linden Lab don't allow the sharing of IM messages with out both sides consent (beside where its necessary like in case of scams) as in for example I am not allowed to just copy an IM I had with someone and post it Yet they leave it open for anyone to sniff it I am sure someone else here can give better then me knowledge about it but from what I understand someone can always sniff the data, even if its secure, thi
  7. Well sure then can try, but this is my main way to have internet now so stuck with it, and on any case il have that danger, but its better if what can be secure and should be secure will be secured I don't think they cant have your pixel sx, only your text in it So if you do it silently they cant hear it, and I don't think they can see it
  8. Not completely, its mostly about simply not wanting something that is suppose to be private to be unprivate Beside that its not the university I fear mmm... ya that is an option I was thinking about, but that means slow network on top of the slow network i got and that also means I need to pay every mouth....
  9. I am aware they can be more interested in that, and I don't fear that much that type of stuff, yet all the same I prefer it if SL will do what seem to be pretty logical and secure the chats from client to server And like I said my reason is that where I am at is a University, part of it is guys doing "Cyber" stuff... so I do find it likely they will be looking around just for the fun of it And if my name comes up there... I don't think its a huge work or anything on Linden side to do it, and I think its something that should be there what ever the case is, there is no real reaso
  10. Not from my understanding Point is Second Life sends are chats on the network as text, when we talk on here on the forums for example the little lock up in the address of the site area means that its secure so when its sent from my PC to the servers, and then to you, its all secured and encrypted so someone on my network cant really see it they see some mambo jambo they need to find a way to read making it really hard for them But when its sent as test anyone on the network can "grab it" from it and read it, as its not encrypted they don't have to do any work on it or anything they c
  11. So I found this post back from 2015: Seeing that now I am in a public internet area (study) I got some what scared on that, they have a study filed for "hacking" and stuff so I fear someone may be looking over the network, and make things a little akwared for me later on So wanted to ask if anyone knows if this was ever "fixed" or something, or is my IM and chat yet completely exposed to 3rd party's?
  12. So i notice these for a while, was guessing it was just a server issue for a while, but its going on for a while all ready Cant find anyone else asking about it so i guess its time When i try to search something in the SL wiki i get the error: Unauthorized access to internal API. Please refer to https://support.google.com/customsearch/answer/4542055 You may want to look into that to fix it, really a pain when trying to read the wiki right
  13. I know its a real pain Just hope Linden find what makes that happen and can maybe block it, so ill not have to do it again when ill be done I am aware of that, how ever in the case of the HUD's that i talk about here, i am pretty sure thinking about it form the scripting side, that there is very little chance they will do it like that AO over all restart when they startup at least the type i had (you get messages about the loading the notecard info) And the body may have that, but over all i think that at least as long as there no castum items inside like something apply
  14. When the script is mod sure But when its not i am unable to active it
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