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  1. Gamma Delta Phi is an all-inclusive sorority catering to the women of SL. We hope to provide a friendly, exciting environment for women from all walks of life. The sorority thrives on the bonds between sisters, and keeping things on the up and up within Gamma Delta Phi. Our sorority allows women from all races, gender identities, ethnicities, religions, and political affilations to pledge, and dedicate ourselves to lifelong friendships and a sense of fulfillment. We'll be holding weekly events, as well as charity events, Greek society campouts, and concerts; there will never be a dull moment! If you're interested in becoming a Gamma Delta Phi sister, please message Brynnebaileigh Resident in-world!
  2. Mountain View Village is a family residential community where family and nature meet! With our small, scenic mountain community we offer you the experience of a life time. Not only do we pride ourselves on our friendly deer who often graze in tenants' yards, but we love the idea of simplicity in SecondLife! As some of our amenities, we offer: -Starlight Lake & Campgrounds, where you can tent camp, take a dip, or barbecue on the grounds -Meadowbrook Play Park, where you and your family may play games or enjoy the deer and playground -Wildlife sightings, and a chance to feed our extremely friendly deer -Complementary home decor upon rental, if requested If you're interested in becoming part of the Mountain View Village community stop by today, or please IM brynnebaileigh resident or twistedascanbe resident Thank you! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Georgetown%20Colorado/192/48/23
  3. Thank you, much appreciated. I should have been more clear. Trolling is an art, one he hasn't quite mastered.
  4. Doctor Chiwanga wrote: Fix your space bar (or cut out the space cake). And this, my friends, is what you call a troll.
  5. To add to this idea is the fact that many people in SL who are "consumed" by capitalism are consumed because it's feasible in SL, where as it may not be in RL. I know many people in SL who enjoy the finer items because in reality, they'd never be able to afford them. People tend to gravitate towards the mansions and sportscars because they're luxuries which can be enjoyed in SL, while they're impossible for someone of the middle classes and lower to afford. SecondLife is made of dreams. Creating a system where we're all forced into the same clothing and land would defeat the purpose of playing the game.
  6. Tenderhearts Family Estates is a brand new family roleplay community where you can stay where you play! We offer 4 house rentals with spacious family homes and 1001 prims for you to furnish it as you like for just 2,000L a week! We also have a drive in movie theater, beach, a playground, a grocery store selling LIFE items, and a school; not to mention a complete 100% kid-friendly, family oriented environment! Our school, Tenderheart Elementary is not open yet but will be shortly and school will be free for all resident children of Tenderhearts Family Estates! That's right, if you happen to live at Tenderhearts Family Estates, you will get to attend Tendherheart Elementary for free! Campfire Cuties Troop 001 is an exclusive to Tenderhearts Family Estates! Have you been looking or that extra special group to join? Wanting to make new friends and have fun doing it? Well then Campfire Cuties is just for you! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Queens%20Park/195/70/22
  7. I'm having the same issue. If I walk into a room, everything will rezz and then derezz, and loop around again. It's absolutely terrible. The troubleshooting tips provided by Firestorm are of no help, either.
  8. Thank you, guys! I settled for a Quantum Luxury Homes house. it's amazing.
  9. I'm on the search for a lovely new home, and I simply cannot figure out where to shop. Does anyone have a decent suggestion for a beautiful mesh home?
  10. I'm on the search for a lovely new home, and I simply cannot figure out where to shop. Does anyone have a decent suggestion for a beautiful mesh home?
  11. The asset server related to my sim and/or inventory was down at the time. The issue was solved, thank god for TNT having licensing trackers.
  12. When rezzing furniture in my skybox (elevation 3702), I placed my no-copy bed down. When I went to edit it, to move it into the proper position, it disappeared. I did not have a chance to move it. Since it disappeared, I've relogged three times, scowered my inventory, Area Searched the entire sim, cleared my cache, and attempted to right click the entirety of the box to locate it. I'm at a loss. Help?
  13. Rezzed it, went to edit it, and it vanished.
  14. Everything keeps disappearing on me lately. *sigh* Rezzed a house? Too bad, it's missing. Rezzed a 7K bed? Too bad, let me eat that! Rezzed a shoebox? Oh, let me take those, you don't need them! *GRUMBLE!*
  15. I'm generally in-world from 12 or so until whenever. I kind of leave my avi logged in and hop back and forth when I feel like it. I'm a bit of a nightowl, so it tends to be upwards of midnight SLT.
  16. Long story short: I've been in SL since '08, and I'm looking for a new group of friends. I'm not into the SL family scene, and wouldn't very much appreciate being brought into it. I enjoy being around high energy people who enjoy taking photos, shopping, clubbing, exploring sims, and watching movies in SL. I've got a rather eclectic personality, if it's not obvious. I'm not looking for friends-by-payment, nor am I looking for drama magnets. I'm simply looking for fun people to hangout with, and reintroduce me to the SL world I've been ignoring as of late. Me > Just incase you wanted to know. :) IM me if interested. TTFN! Brynnebaileigh Resident
  17. I find that mildly disappointing. I used to rely on it to weed out those who begged for money and those who could hold their own. If they had no alt, nor a payment method, I wouldn't deal with them. Shame.
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