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  1. ░░▒▓◙█◙█◙ CLUB PHOENIXXX HIRING HOSTS ◙█◙█◙▓▒░░ Club Phoenixxx is an optional strip club. Which is why the extra Xs are added to give the name a more erotic look and feel. The people that came to Club Phoenixxx come to have a great time, to hang out with friends and family, laugh, joke and have a good time without people spamming with gestures, to make the club look interesting. Although Club Phoenixxx was born inside a vampire castle, it is not a vampire club. Club Phoenixxx welcomes everyone but vampires are required to leave there Fangs at the door. We are real people that can hold a conversation with our guests and make them feel welcome. We are looking for experience host to cover: A. Shift Tue 12 am - 2 pm Thu - 12 am - 2pm B. Host Job Description: As a Host your duties will include: 1. planning and hosting events, 2. Coordinate progress of events with other staffs team members such as DJs & dancers. 3. meet & greet customers create an interesting event environment to promote interaction between visitors 4. introduce events' activities DJ's/dancers, come up with idea's to bring people into the club, promote the club and donations to the club. 5. Keep 100% tips C. Requirements: 1. At least 3 months experience in hosting and organizing of dance/music sets and/or events. 2. Familiar with operating own viewers like camera zoom, basic interaction functions. 3. Outgoing, cheerful and positive and must not be shy in talking to customer. 4. Excellent in emote effectively in local chat with minimum use of auto gestures. 5. Able to roleplay (this is an adult club however, being nude is optional). 6. Good attitude and able to commit to agreed work schedule as advertised. 7. Must be committed to follow club's policies and rules. Interested, please contact: AssaholicDirector Resident AngieInWonderland Resident PhoenixLover Magic Resident .
  2. The Angel of Death's Hand Territory is a beautifully designed medieval bloodline friendly roleplay region located at Demonixx Rising. We are a full featured region with: * Bloodline roleplay with vampire,lycan and hunters * Arena combat * Medieval theme village * Dance club * Mall * A Clan castle While we are bloodline oriented, we also welcome human and our medieval village parcel and house are open for rental and are perfect for bloodline and medieval fantasy theme lovers. Each medieval themed rental houses features: * Scenic view, tranquility and privacy with own parcel boundary. * Full media and music control. * Unique & distinctive design for each and every house so your house will be different from the others. * Very affordable price Our rules are simple and non-complicated. Our staffs are friendly. Come check them out HERE Note: For renting please right click and pay the rental box. After that please send an IM/notecard to: PhoenixLover Magic, or KovanS Resident
  3. ░░▒▓◙█◙█◙ CLUB PHOENIXXX HIRING GENERAL MANAGER ◙█◙█◙▓▒░░ Club Phoenixxx is an optional strip club. Which is why the extra Xs are added to give the name a more erotic look and feel. The people that came to Club Phoenixxx come to have a great time, to hang out with friends and family, laugh, joke and have a good time without people spamming with gestures, to make the club look interesting. Although Club Phoenixxx was born inside a vampire castle, it is not a vampire club. Club Phoenixxx welcomes everyone but vampires are required to leave there Fangs at the door. We are real people that can hold a conversation with our guests and make them feel welcome. We are looking for an experienced General Manager to take the club to the next level. General Manager Job Description: ----------------------------------------- Position type: Permanent Salary: to be discussed Club Operation: Our club operates from Monday to Saturday Closed Sunday for Staff Meetings: Once a month on any given Sunday (Twice a Month if needed) The Club General Manager is to ensure smooth operations at all levels and activities of the club. The job calls for someone who is an enterprising person and a good communicator and can works closely with the club owner. Duties 1. Hiring, managing, & scheduling of staffs such as Djs, host and dancers. 2. Ensure smooth running of the clubs routine events and activities including: - scheduling staffs for events - send reminder to staffs on their work schedules - Sending out event notices to marketing channels according to marketing plan. - Setting up Shoutcast and contest board 3. Interacting with visitors 4. Enforce club rules and policies; including handling of violation issues,. 5. And assist owners in establish best practices. Authority / Benefits * Power of a GM - authority second to owner of the club * Have own office & private room (if proven to be able to handle the job) * Professional Meeting room * Rez right Requirement 1. At least 1 year experience in SL 2. At least 6 months experience in managing clubs 3. Good people skills, fun loving and love to interact with people. 4. Good attitude - want to have fun but also be serious getting things done. 5. Experience in setting up and handling club equipments such as shoutcast board, contest board etc 6. Skills in developing, executing and managing marketing strategies and events with minimum supervision. Interest please contact PhoenixLover Magic (Principle Owner) KovanS Resident (Consultant)
  4. Hi Astrahlynn, Please IM me I am looking for a General manager From: KovanS Resident
  5. Job Title: Virtual Center Project Manager **bleep** Project Scripter / Programmer : We are a real world education technology company looking for project scripter / programmer for long-term partnership. Description: The Virtual Center Project Manager is our long term partner in helping us to prepare sites, desi gn virtual experiential activities and items needed for our virtual education projects. The role and job scope includes: 1. Assist us in designing virtual experiential activities inline with our programme curriculum. 2. Provide custom scripts for education projects in line with requirements from our programme curriculum. 3. Build objects and textures 4. Prepare scripts to load into objects / furnitures. 5. Conduct train-the-trainer sessions to our trainers to effectively use the objects / environment that is required for our educational programme. 6. Source, prepare, build, customise and setup parcels / land / virtual education center per project requirement. 7. Ensure security, PG rating and smooth lesson progress. Requirement & Qualifications: 1. Must be familiar and able to operate smoothly with Second Life and equivalent platforms. 2. Good knowledge in advance scripting in LSL language or equivalent ( those with cross similar platform experience will be preferred) 3. Able to build basic objects using prims / scuplty. Mesh bulding is a plus but not necessary. 4. Those with texturing experience will be a great plus. 5. Must be familar of how to main and operate a region. 6. Must be willing to work in the time zone GMT +8. 7. Experience in experiential activities curriculum design is a great asset. Pay: To be negotiated during the interview On per project basis. To Apply: Please send a notecard stating your skills and experience in Second Life to KovaS Resident. Applicants who meet the requirements will be contacted to arrange an interview to demonstrate his/her competencies.
  6. Tribal Invasion Night one of our hottest and most popular events. This event is proudly sponsored by Tamiron Forge. ♬ ♩ <Tribal Invasion Night> ♬ ♩!!! [[♪]] «----» ωнσ: DJ Kitty Diva & Tungfu [[♪]] «----» ωнαт: Live music, Free outfits & Tribal Dance Contest [[♪]] «----» ωнєяє: ★ ✫ Club Phoenixxx ✫ ★ [[♪]] «----» ωнєη: 6-8PM SLT, Friday 27 Feb TICKETS HERE
  7. 1 Medieval farm house with beautiful surround and role-play farm available on adult role-play sim. Straight forward rules and friendly staffs. View here For more information contact KovanS Resident
  8. Dear SecondLife Citizen: Do you seek a place to live at an affordable price and yet with access to sailing ocean? Premium Coastal Residences offers discerning residents seeking quality homes with access to Linden oceans and seaways plus seasonal/year-round amenities. Our Orient Apartment offers studios and fine views of Ice Bay: Oriental Apartment Rental Info Hub Our Fenos sim offers high ceiling studios and full level apartments with fine sunrise and sunset views. Fenos Apartment Rental Info Hub Rental starts at very affordable price of 50L/Wk with generous prims. For detail pricing please visit one of the hubs above. The prim count allowance depends on whether one opts for a furnished apartment or not. Furnished apartments are decorated with the resident's preferred colors by Tiffany; samples of her efforts are displayed in the residents homes. For viewing of example of furnished apartment please visit the following locations: Oriental Aparetment Show Unit Orient Apartment, Tower D, Level 1 Fenos Apartment Show Units (Ocean Tower): Premium Coastal Residences - Fenos - Ocean Tower - Studio Model Premium Coastal Residences - Fenos - Ocean Tower 3rd Level Model Fenos Apartment Show Units (Land Tower): Premium Coastal Residences - Fenos - Land Tower - Level 1 Premium Coastal Residences - Fenos - Land Tower - Owner's Home Premium Coastal Residences - Fenos - Land Tower - Penthouse All apartments are support by various facilitites. Following are just some examples for your viewing convenience: Premium Coastal Residences - Fenos Poolside Premium Coastal Residences - Fenos Sailboat Hut and Dock Premium Coastal Residences - Fenos Volleyball Court Premium Coastal Residences - Fenos Underwater Diving Platform For enquiries please contact: TiffanyPenningtonof Beresford SassyAbi Resident
  9. Club Phoenixxx is hiring DJs, host and dancers for our friendly and warm adult dance club. Operation time: 2-4pm SLT (Dancers only) ; 6-10pm (DJs, Host and Dancers) Music genre include: Rock, pop, blues, blues rock, pop rock, trance, dance, techno & country rock. All positions pay on tips. * DJ's must have own stream, knows how to invite / send notice and be able to handle requests (mic is not necessary) * Hosts must be able to greet visitors timely, interact with guests to create a lively environment and with experience in handling events and send notices. * Dancers must be able to emote and interact with guest to create interesting experience. Reliability, being prefessional, sense of responsibility, being upbeat and able to engage visitors are important for all staffs as we plan and invite guest in advance. Interested please contact KovanS Resident
  10. KovanS

    Slaves Wanted

    We welcome furries too as long as you are into dom/sub rp. IM me for the details.
  11. KovanS

    Slaves Wanted

    Hmmm......looks at his words....hmmm... Wow ... wonder how smartness has been showed in the above comment when the commenter in the very first place don't know the objective why the post orignator wants a runaway slave for...... I suppose he is very right.......stupidity runs as rampant in as it does everywhere else..LOL:)
  12. KovanS

    Slaves Wanted

    Are you a runaway slave or slave looking for new master or even just starting out? We are looking for a few slaves for a beautiful sim. We have experienced masters for you. Interested please contact KovanS Resident for details. '
  13. Region: Mainland Cenrtal Island Type: General Ideal for family Area: 2048m2 Prims: 468 Price: 700/week Full rights except terraforming due to the surrounding area. Fronted by full linden ocean at the edit of canal passage way just coming out into open sea.,Ideal for saling & flying. Connected to over 70 sailable regions. Connected to northern mainland island. For sales too. View location here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Quilassito/14/225/25 For enquiry please contact KovanS Resident
  14. Region: Mainland Prim Capacity: 468 Area: 2048 Type: General Price: 750L per week Rare sailable ocean land for rental. Region edge. General region ideal for family or as holiday home. Front by protected ocean and connected to large area of linden ocean ideal for sailing & flying. Easy terms View Here
  15. Yes Dillon recently this same person also did the same thing to my forum post about my sim. And same thing I went to check out her forum post and wow you are right about it. And yes her actions shows very clearly from the threats she made to you....lol. Just tells the whole story:)
  16. Thanks for the the negative comments DragonFan . A quick check and I notice so far all your posts in the forum is lop sides ones....taking others out instead of trying to give contructive suggestions. That makes me wonder:) But thanks for v isiting anyway. PS: for those reading this post thread check this link out to see what I mean: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Role-Play/Matoluta-Sanctuary-Conserve-Freedom-New-RP-Sim/m-p/2802950#M13101
  17. Rare protected mainland parcel for sale. General mainland parcel 2048m2 468 prims Front by large linden ocean Connected to norther mainland by sailable ocean View it here For enquiry please contact KovanS
  18. Heart's Palace is a new adult medieal fantasy role-playing region now open for role-players. Our main objective is to create a less restrictive role-playing environment so that imagination about medieval fantasy can be stretched, combine and integrated allowing more people who are interested in medieval fantasy to interact and role-play together. We have over 69 races across 10 social classes open to all second life role-players plus a few prestige social roles for those who can show commitment and support to our sim. Background Story The oversall background story centers around an earth like continent Kron once dominated by vampires. To fight against the vampires, a small group of human vampire hunters sorted help from other races and in desperation they opened the Great Gate of Casta and unknowningly release the long trapped mystic creatures and resulted in massive destruction and plunged the land into total chaos. The war ended with massive destruction to both side and wiped out most of Kron populations. The remaining vampiores retreated to the northern mountains where they first came. And the Queen of the vampires went into hiding. Thus a new chapter of the continent of Kron has began...........one that good and evil no longer has clear cut boundary. Read here for more Features: 1. Adult medieval fantasy combat and free form role-play with the Continent of Kron as the general background story. 2. 69 races across more than 10 social classes. 3. Immersive role-playing with effect of climate; and the need to eat, drink, rest, sleep, keep clean and relief yourself. 4. Free items such as weapns, food, drinks and clothings to work with our role-play and combat meters as well as affordable and reuseable role-playing assesories. 5. Submit & showcase your own role-play stories for others to join you. 6. Adult medieval fantasy, combat, magic, BDSM, Master-Slave, bloodlnes friendly and RLV role-play Read here for more The World of Kron Come check us out Photos Landmark
  19. Hi I have a dragon avatar and I made a saddle that can be attached to it using prim with sit animation. However, when I wear the saddle it cannot be clicked. Can any kind soul tell me how to make the attached saddle clickable to sit on? I have no knowledge of scripting. Thanks everyone.
  20. Free sexy tribal costume Live Tribal Music Mix Authentic Tribal Group Dance Breath-taking Ourdoor Venue Strip Our Dancers Best Tribal Dance Contest More Details Here GET YOUR FREE COSTUME HERE
  21. Activities 1. L$3000 Custom Bike Dance Contest 2. Rock and Roll Greatest Hit 60s - 90s 3. Strip Em Nude TICKETS HERE More Details Here
  22. Hey Bella, I don't understand why after seeing your forum post to look for a job, and I wrote to you to try to offer, you replied to me to bow down and kiss your ass and then blocked and muted me for no apparent reason. I reviewed my IM to you and there is no inappropriate words that I used in anyway to anatagonize you. All I did was to let you know I have postions opened and asked politely to ask if you are still available for hire. And I believe you have never even worked for my club before to have any unpleasant experience. Certain this is a behavior that puzzled me and not a good expeirnce for me. I would really be concerned for such behavior to be in my club. Thanks anyway.
  23. Back again due to popular demand. Free quality tribal costume for VIP Strip & Whip Our Dancers Best Tribal Dance Contest More Fun Here
  24. Come to this sweetest voice DJ in Second Life. We bet you are going to ask her to voice as much as enjoying sexy dance tunes she will play for you and with you. llılı.ılı.! ♬ sweetest voice DJ KEZZA ♬ . .ı.lııllılı ♥Who: DJ Kezza ♥Where: Club Phoenixxx ♥ When: DJ Kezza Shares Her Happiness ♥What: Dance Hits ♥Host: DJ Kezza TICKET HERE Or, access stream HERE Don't miss her show. Help us spread the words by going to our facebook and share our post: https://www.facebook.com/phoenix.dragonlord
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