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  1. Some people might consider SL a game or simulation but it is neither. It is its own thing a virtual world with unlimited possibilities of what you want to do, you can be a photographer, a designer, role play, play music for others, create items, etc etc etc. Games have rules and end goals to complete in order to "win" or succeed, SL has neither.
  2. It seems to be working back again now, finally, it was a bit frustrating after so many attempts over several days. Thanks everyone !
  3. My feed says mine updated hours ago on my profile and some people can see it when they open it, however, for chat windows the picture hasn't updated at all, it remains with the default grey display.
  4. I will try it again but Ive already done this at least 8 times total since 2 days ago.
  5. I wish LL would seriously find some fixes for the constant crashes for Mac OS users, its becoming unbearable to use SL anymore.
  6. I wish the SL viewer was more stable in OS Sierra 10.2, Ive been on SL for almost 10 years and all this time ive gone through 5 different Mac computers. It wasn't until recently, that I upgraded to my latest, a late 2015 iMac and Ive noticed constitently crashes, so frequently that I can barely do anything at times, crowded places are almost a no go and if I do make it, I have to be on pretty low settings, I will still crash eventually. Even when Im at home with just me and maybe 1 or 2 more avatars I can't even turn on the high settings without crashing down the road too. Its really a shame this hasn't been fixed somehow yet, its frustrating having to be crashing so frequently when other people rarely do.
  7. Anyone that could provide me with some tips or help? Thank you in advance
  8. This is rather interesting, I follow Vice and their reports/documentaries on Youtube and I quite enjoy them for the most part. Im curious how this would play out, how will this report/documentary be made and presented to the rest of the world? Will it be in a positive or negative way? Will it be made in real life or through the Second Life world? I don't have an amazing identity story to tell other than I learned a lot about myself and what I like and enjoy through SL after being 8 years on it. I really hope this goes well and its presented in a manner that is respectful of the people who want to share their story as well as the community in Second Life. Way too many negative things have been made in the past about it and its been quite unfair.
  9. Ive been hearing the Ghetto booty will be back, but is this true? I wouldn't ask the creator because she seems to be a bit defensive about asking about it and will apparently mute anyone who does (according to her profile). Did she say she would add it again or something? I really hope this is true, I once tried out the demo for this but never really got it and now there seems to be a lack of mesh booties around, its kind of strange to see stores still making appliers for them even though they are not available to the public anymore, kind of pointless. I tried some of the other current alternatives like the Brazilia, but its just not to my liking.