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  1. DeeKate wrote: I've updated to Sierra about a week ago and both the viewers I got, Firestorm and Singularity, have become since really unstable ... I crash all the time and in particular when I tp from a sim to another. Almost tempted to give up SL. Which model Mac are you using DeeKate, and which graphics card?
  2. Thank you Whirly for your helpful response and the Jira links, much appreciated
  3. Interested to hear if anyone has tried running SecondLife Viewer on Apple MacOS Sierra (MacOS 10.12). Anyone out there given it a go yet?
  4. Yes like any business, if you buy in bulk from the supplier you can negotiate good discounts.
  5. I bought my Homestead Sims back in 2007 / 2008. At that time the monthly tier was $75 / month. A few years later, the monthly tier went up to $95/ month for the people who were paying $75 and new buyers after that time had to pay $125/ month. The same tier rates apply today. The term used for the regions which are old enough to incur the lower tier rate are called “Grandfathered”. When Homestaed Sims were priced at $75/ month - they only had 1875 prims available. When the cost went up -the prim allowance increased from 1875 to 3750.
  6. No not tanking. For a number of years I’ve routinely sold at 248. For each of my sims - this equates to selling 75811 per month to pay the $295 tier. If I start selling at 249, it will approximately add $1USD per month/ sim to my costs. Conversely, this would equate to marketplace traders who earn $295 USD in sales losing approximately $1USD if they decide to sell at 249… If you are pulling $3000 USD/ month out of SL it would cost you and extra $10 USD? The question for me is - if I need to convert L$ - US$ immediately, it costs more. If I can wait a day or two longer. It will cost the sam
  7. Thank you for your post ChinRey. Huge nostalgia! My first days in SL back in 2006, being taken to Yadni's by the kind helpers from Hanja - There I understood that the possibilities were endless. My inspiration grew from there. Still here, my world wilder, richer and much bigger. Still fascinated. Immense Thank You Yadni...
  8. Not available, This region has been rented. Thank you for looking. 65,536 sq.m / 3750 prims / 20 avatar limit / Estate Manager rights.
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