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  1. I haven´t crashed at all in neither of both and tested several times at my sim. Even had three of the monkeys rezzed right next to the dance floor at a party this afternoon to check if that somehow would affect performance and noone crashed nor felt it laggy but as I have a full region that could have had something to be so just in case went to visit all animesh sandoxes and rezzed them in there. The first one was full of animesh samples rezzed and also some avatars in there and it was a sort of laggy but not enough to bother and still my monkeys worked ok too. The other animesh sandboxes were more quiet and all went well. I cannot say animesh has ever made me crash at all ( so far).
  2. No. This is what I see using the latest Firestorm Beta update and the monkey is some animesh model I am still working on
  3. Me too!!! Mine seems to like bananas tho... https://gyazo.com/9ef4a9202ed0b59d32cd9706595c8dfb
  4. Woohooo! and thank you for keeping us updated! These are awesome news! :)))
  5. Thank you very much Beq for your very informative and detailed post. This is what some like me where hoping to read and It let us know the stage FS is about Animesh and also what to expect from this. I really appreciate it very much and will be waiting for this new update and all the possivilities it brings to my new projects .
  6. Excellent news and great to hear. Thanks Whirly
  7. Those assumptions were clearly stated as such when I said " I assume" in my original post. So you say I have to accept that you are not polite on your answers cause "Politeness isn't one of my strong points" but you cannot accept me assuming things on my posts and need to be rude and call me desperate? Interesting . I think from now on I will just follow Whirly Fizzle , who actually brought good news and answered my question and I will start ignoring your posts. Have a nice day...or not...whatever-
  8. Wow that is quite a charming and polite answer. I hope you do not work at the Customers Loyalty area in Firestorm . There is of course a reason why I am asking about Firestorm´s updated in this Forum. It is...well...maybe you should check on the original tittle of this thread: "Animesh in Firestorm - how soon?" but also cause the Official SL viewer doesn´t include RLV and I create RLV stuff so your sarcarm about me being desperate was totally unnecesary. Still I appreciate the time you dedicated to answer me even when what you said was already stated in my original question
  9. Thank you for that Clover. That would mean by Xmas time or New Year wich will ,most likely mean no update before next year- Still your answer is really apreciated
  10. Ok...so...Animesh was finally released in the SL Official viewer more than a week ago...and when asking in the FS Support team group about when will FS release an animesh update the only answer I get is " The will release it when it is ready"... I understand Firestorm hesitating about releasing an update including Animesh due the many bugs reported on Animesh or maybe they are waiting for SL to release the "Bakes on mesh" Project also so FS will release both in one update. Or maybe I am totally wrong and Firestorm doesn´t plan on release any updates including Animesh at all. As you see I am just guessing here but this is what people do when not getting enough information, so...at least some would be very much appreciated so those of us working on Animesh know if we should put our projects in the freezer and focus on something else or not.
  11. Awesome and nice feature ,specially for us merchants to improve the inworld exploring experience.I can´t wait to see it through Googe Search or other Search engines.I only would have wished more than 3 pics allowed to add besides the Hero pic.Still good work guys and keep it up
  12. Hola gente.Alguien me podria explicar si hay alguna manera de extraer dolares actualmente Y cual es el metodo para hacerlo? Vivo en Argentina y se que en el ultimo tiempo SL estuvo limitando este tipo de operaciones hacia aca.Nunca extraje dolared de mi cuenta ya que pense que no era posible pero quiero estar segura ya que me serian muy utiles y ya vengo juntando bastante vendiendo mis creaciones.Seria una pena no poder aprovechar eso .Hace unos meses hable directamente con PayPal y me dijeron que no hacian este tipo de operacione mas con Argentina hasta que cambiara nuetra politica cambiaria ( vamos a ver que pasa ahora con Macri).Ta,bien me dijeron que no trabajan mas con la tarjeta Payoneer porque ,segun ellos,eran transfugas.Cualquier hint o tip sera bienvenido.Gracias
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