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  1. I have this issue as well. And you can pretty much ignore the advice to clear cache. That doesn't do anything. I always get these neck lines when I wear any hair bases. It's rather annoying and has made me just forego using them altogether. I don't really use hairs too often now that would require hair bases to make them look better. http://screencast.com/t/9g6V6lxmZqj There's a screencast showing it on my neck as well. It's just one of those annoying, unresolved SL problems.
  2. The thing you are talking about concerning your face in certain lights can be fixed easily using certain graphics and windlights, windlights which are available in Firestorm viewer. I made a blog post about the issue of the face that you might find interesting and enlightening: Click Here
  3. I've investigated this because it's also happening to me and it's caused by a tattoo layered hair base you're wearing. Take the hair base off or try another one (which I'm gonna attempt) and the neck lines go away.
  4. I just wish the Akeyo Power AO had a Forze arms feature that lets you cross your arms like on the Vista Huds.
  5. I'm talking about for Firestorm users who have permitted regions to change their Windlight to settings the land owner has chosen. Places like Giggles Beach for example, which I have found have set up their windlight very well. Just looking for any others which have bypassed the default WL'ing and set up a good one of their own.
  6. There was a preferences setting on Firestorm I had previously found that made my eyes point more straight ahead during pose ball animations or general AO stands. Since I've updated and lost my settings it's gone back to having my eyes nearly disappear in the back of my head or to the sides again when I'm in certain animations. Does anybody know the setting that prevents my eyes from going psycho like this?
  7. What about indoors? It makes no sense for the sun to be shining upon you in a certain direction while indoors. That's not very realistic.
  8. It appears that in that picture you're facing away from the direction sunlight is coming from. I mean, it looks like your face is shrouded in shadow because you see a bit of sunlight on your shoulder. If that light that's on your shoulder was on your face we might see something differently than that smooth skin. Sometimes I use the regional light settings and turn my avatar facing the opposite direction of the sun so that the light doesn't highlight the cheek lines on my face. It's a shame to have to do that to avoid harsh light revealing the messed up nature of the default avatar model's
  9. Right. I knew this when writing the original post. In fact, I delineated that fact in the original post. I agree, though. This post should have been titled "How Second Life Light Can Reveal the Havoc Intrinsic In Your Avatar's Face." lol.
  10. Bravo, wonderful post. I think my family think I'm nuts as I stood up and clapped in the middle of reading this. lol..
  11. It is discrimination. Looking young isn't going to hurt anybody in a particular sim. The fact of the matter is land owners reserve the right to be discriminatory. The sooner one accepts that fact the sooner one can move on from indignation for being discriminated against over menial differences (height, "Youthful" looking face, etc.) Furthermore, the avatar from the OP doesn't look like she's attempting to acquire any kawaii look from out of Japan. She just looks like a normal young adult. I can understand being kicked out of special-themed sims like a "mermaid" sim when you're not a mermaid,
  12. Perrie Juran, I'm a young adult (below 24) and I actually prefer to be called cute, rather than "beautiful." Mostly because those deemed beautiful by many are, to me, not attractive in the least. They are typically women with wide, manly jaws. Cute, to me, is a better compliment.
  13. .Birdy. Has some nice body freckles tattoo layer that come with their skins. Not sure if it can be bought separately, though.
  14. Also, try [AnaLu] studio 5!! It's amazing. The best I've seen so far.
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