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  1. 55488 sqm parcel for sale with Roadside access. Location was the site of the Essencia Mainland Hotel at the junction of Routes 9 and 10. Owner is willing to sell the land for L$70k or for hotel (building only) and land for L$90k. Landscaping is still in place and can remain or be returned upon purchase. Please contact Kiyomi Nyoki inworld with serious inquiries only please. It is open to visit prior to contacting about a potential purchase. SLURL to the parcel mentioned: Essencia Hotel LM.
  2. Two gorgeous parcels located on the Sansara Continent on the site of the former Jamieson's Hotel available for L$3.0/sqm. 1st parcel is approx 22288 sqm with protected water bordering on 3 sides - L$67,000 2nd parcel is approx 18224 sqm with protected water on one side and a linden road border - L$55,000 Click here to Visit 22288 Sqm Parcel Click here to Visit 18224 sqm Parcel
  3. Looking for a boy and a girl child avi to replace our prim children and be a part of our family. We currently live on a child friendly community sim. We have family outings and dinners. Low tolerance for drama but a little childhood mischief is ok. Primarily on in the evenings and late nights during the week and on weekends. If interested contact Kiyomi Nyoki inworld. Looking forward to meeting and getting to know you!
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