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  1. That's probably 100% right. I do think something could be useful because times I need self help environments, but I can see how being in that environment for too long could worsen things. I'll hop around some more though I've always been a bit of a wall flower with difficulty making friends, I'm hoping that at least in Second Life I can change that.
  2. I can see what you mean about not wanting to lean on someone in Second Life too much. I suppose the idea came out of desperation as I sort of feel like I have no one else I can talk to. Of course I do have family members but they refuse to talk about the issues despite the fact I've always been the kind of person who found it helpful to discuss my problems. I do have a therapist and a doctor but it just doesn't feel the same talking to them - it's clinical, as I know it should be since it's a professional business... I don't, I'm probably rambling. And thank you for reminding me to fill out my profile. I was meaning to attempt to do it a couple days ago but I've always had trouble describing myself. I'll have to try harder it seems. Thank you. I'll look into it and decide if it might be a good choice for me. I appreciate it.
  3. So, I was told to get a new hobby. Something that would help get my mind off things. I chose Second Life. I don't regret the decision but at the same time it's not the distraction I was hoping for. If anything, logging on only to be largely ignored either because I'm new or the way I look stings even though it shouldn't. I want to try a different route because of that. If there are any depression and just life in general support groups in Second Life I would great appreciate someone pointing me in its direction. Hell, I'd even take just a rando to talk to as I honestly have no one. Not looking for a psychiatrist as I already have one. Just a friend with ears (or er eyes I guess) and a shoulder.
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