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  1. Come on over and check us out.. We are always growing..
  2. Blade's Edge Club is looking to hire. We are looking for Experienced, High Energy, Committed, Talented, Fun, Sexy DJ's, Hosts, and Dancers. If YOU fit this description, then we NEED you! - DJ's receive 100% of their tips - Hosts/Hostess receive 90% of their tips. Blade's Edge Club is a Strong Stable Community that been open for over 6 years now. We have a Solid VIP Growth that support our events and functions. If Interested contact Ducky Luckstone for an application
  3. 20K Prim Grandfather Sim for Sale Great Sim Name JustBE Just think of the JustBe possibility's Will be ready for sale on September 1st Tier Date is the 17th of the month $1200 which Includes Transfer Fee to Keep Grandfathered Contact me In World Ducky Luckstone or by Email dluckstone@gmail.com
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