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  1. We love to celebrate and show our pride to demonstrate that love is the same and love is for all! Happening at Dark Sinergy, we're highlighting this with the LGBTQA+ Event! Show your pride loud and proud! Our DJ for this is DJ Squeeker! He's plushie...he's squeaky...but he's all around a lovable bundle of music too! Join us today from 6-8PM! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Resolution Boulevard/202/45/3003
  2. Mark 'em virtual calendars and get some skates because Dark Sinergy is going to hold a Roller Derby event! Featuring newcoming DJ, DJ Darq! When: 5/12/21 @ 4-6PM SLT! Where: Dark Sinergy http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Resolution Boulevard/202/45/3003 Good Music to Skate to! You don't want to miss this!
  3. Come on down to Dark Sinergy as your furry self and party with us! (Note: We at DS already openly welcome furry avis as is, but why not a party night?!) Tonight's DJ is DJ Jager and joining him is Hostess Heather~! Set theme is OPEN GENRE (Mostly EDM) and REQUESTS! Hope to see you soon~! Your Taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Resolution Boulevard/202/45/3003
  4. Yay, stellar progress in mesh design where everything looks pretty but customization has taken the backseat...wonderful! I feel so special now knowing I can only alter ONE set of jaws and not BOTH!
  5. Only the lower jaw portion. Lip Fullness did nothing. Jaw jut on Chin only moved lower jaw. But I want to move the upper jaw as well.
  6. LordHappycat

    Teeth Issue

    I've got a LetLuka River Head recently and I couldn't for the life of me get over how the head's teeth would poke out a little over in the upper lip area. It makes my avatar, when looking straight at it, look pretty dumb and I don't like that look. Upon breaking down the head and showing just the teeth, I realized the problem. Problem is in the picture. And no the HUD has no option to deal with this that I can find, just only ways to make the teeth glossier and prettier which is unhelpful in this case. Robs you of customizing, really. Please don't tell me they're all like this. What can I do?
  7. I'm new to BOM/Omega applier stuff, because I'm too used to slapping tattoo layers on and pasting over skin appliers onto mesh body objects for these to work. I've got the Maitreya Lara body + V Tech Flat Chest mod. I've also picked up alaskametro<3 BoyChest Tone 3 skin add-on. The BoyChest item claims to work with V Tech, but I've no idea how to apply it. It's just a HUD that I load up and you apply it to whatever, but the V Tech FlatChest is all white with nothing to it. Nothing is loading to the chest. I've looked a little into it and says I need Omega stuff but I don't know where to begin and what the proper method is.
  8. It gets buried though and posts grow cold in a week. The contexts of the posts are a bit different and still in their right categories. You're being a little too technical.
  9. Okay, so recently I picked up the Classic Legacy Mesh body for $1L (because they're continuing to run that freebie promotion since they've got the new bodies out). And I'm trying to make it a better looking version of my current femboy look. On another post, I had asked for suggestions about what I can seek for an upgrade to my look so I already have that step going for me. However, I want to see what I can do with what I've got. The OMEGA applier of my skin doesn't work on this body nor does the skin I use which is Sheru Femboy. I'm wondering if there's a similar skin applier or something I can seek that can work around this classic mesh body? Any ideas? I'm lost and I'm sorry that I sound so noob, this is some of my first steps into mesh territory. Most of the time, I'm running like classic and I work on that.
  10. Is there one I can find?
  11. I use listen2myradio. It's free to sign up and free to use. Not much hassle to really use. You get: ShoutcastV1/V2 and IceCast Up to 10,000 listeners (lol, no DJ on SL will ever reach that number but the challenge is there) Good quality (I stream 192kbps for example) Easy to utilize control panel Just all around not a problem.
  12. All right so, I sought out all of the advice here and while they're all valid, there was one thing I didn't do. It was pointed out to me by the land owner when I told her about it. ...I didn't put the port in the address. That way it'd look like http://192.321.4.10:8000 for example. That's what made it work. I kept pasting the address in plainly. Thanks for the help.
  13. Geez, is another new feature LL put in to annoy users with? Just kicking you off whenever when it used to be you can go as long as you like signed in? Even the 'Remember Me' button is useless.
  14. I have a bento fox avatar that I tried converting my Jex into and it looked okay for what it was. That was mostly my makeshift work and I've since broken down the avatar before tossing it aside. But for what I did experience with Bento, yeah, I want to make the leap for my human avi too. It's just a bit of a pain to know where to start, though, I have finally tracked down some listings as to what to get. I think it'd be worth it in the end, provided most of my inventory works with the avi.
  15. I'm trying to look about 'upgrading' my avatar into bento. But I don't really know where to start in how to go about this than repeating to myself "Bento". Does there exist something that looks similar to my avatar?
  16. Here's everything I've done so far: - I've cleaned out the media filter so that way I'm not automatically expecting the stream to auto-play. I'm not even getting the prompt box. - I've tried to add the URL stream to my parcel through the internal control panel of my radio. - I've added the URL stream into the Sound panel in the bar. - I've made sure the stream info matched the one on the host site that I use, making sure no spaces are in the titles. - I've tried mixing the IP number and the URL stream together for *****s and giggles. - I've ensured that the audio settings for my viewer points to my correct audio driver (Realtek High Definition Audio in this case) and not at the NVIDIA HD Audio that I have disabled on my system. - I've ensured the volume is up enough to audibly hear anything provided they work. - Firestorm isn't muted, Virtual DJ 7 is through Windows volume mixer, so that I can hear what I play through the parcel stream. - Triple checked all info is right. So, I've got about three things I think that isn't going right. 1. My streaming host is really messing up beyond me having difficulty sometimes logging in, going through a slow patch. 2. The skybox I'm on isn't configured for tenants to input their own streams. 3. Something internally with the viewer isn't catching my stream or so. Because my Virtual DJ 7 program, it's broadcasting fine when I press 'record' on it. I'll have to try with Mixxx but I'm currently battling another fricken issue with that program over the LAME encoder not being found. One thing after another...
  17. To preface: I use Firestorm Viewer, I use Listen2MyRadio as my streaming host for audio when I DJ and I rent with Pangea Estates. I could've sworn I've talked about this before on here but I don't really remember so I'll have a nice refresher here. But, I'm having streaming issues with my audio and I'm soon due to be DJing for someone but I can't go forward with it unless I've gotten these issues worked out. That little music note over in the right corner, everytime I click it, it goes to the pause symbol then back to it's note symbol in quick fashion. My streaming host has been aggravatingly unpredictable as of late, changing server addresses on me which forces me to re-configure Virtual DJ 7 and the settings in my parcel. But, I'm trying to stream my music through the audio of my skybox. I use the streaming IP, current one anyways and I paste them into the Sound bar in About Parcel settings. It's a no go. I don't know what's going on.
  18. Hey there, I'm looking to DJ or host DJs for either new clubs that are starting up or clubs that are well-managed needing one. I've got well over 4 years of DJing experience with 5 years of DJ Hosting experience. I've done well over 8 vendors in that span of time. I use VirtualDJ 7, I play mostly hard rock/Dark EDM/heavy metal/a little variety here and there. I don't really do voice overs or voice at all, but I chat in group or local anyways to keep interactive with clubs. I can do requests. I'm aiming to have 2 hour slots, I live in the CST time zone so if there's any openings that reflect, in SL time, the hours between 4PM all the way to 10PM my time, I can do that. As a Host, I love to put the DJ above me since it's their show, I can interact with the audience, try to get people interested and TP when in need. Even though I prefer Furry clubs, I can also do human ones too since I have avis for either occasion. Let me know if I'm your guy by reaching me at LordHappycat.Resident. Thanks~ ❤️
  19. But where else are you going to find particular items that they've made? Without resorting to A) Copybotting B) Making it yourself or C) Hampering the Creator over the permissions.
  20. I can't honestly fault a lot of people who AFK. I automatically assume that they're taking their business to the DMs. There isn't really a lot of security and privacy checks in place on SL to ensure that people can engage in their fun without peering eyes and their perv cams. I mean, I wouldn't want to be having fun with someone in a BDSM area only to have some weirdo be nearby, who's obviously jerking it to what we're doing. It'd be a buzzkill
  21. Precisely. It's like, you're meaning to tell the user that they've spent $1,000L or more on an item and the most they can do is just resize and 'deal with it'? That's asking for poor reviews and poor recommendations.
  22. Oh my god, thank you so much for showing that to me. I've had that item for a few years now and I've always thought that it was a pair. It made me a little crazy at times thinking "did I delete the other half?!" because that could've happened. This was a No-Copy item and I do an awful lot of changing things around in my inventory. But I know now I'm missing the Large size piece, but I think with what I have left of it, a resize script will do nicely, so it won't matter. Again, thanks so much!
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