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  1. Thanks for the quick reply I'm obviously misunderstanding something that is probably obvious. llAttachTo Avatar seems to attach theobject in which the script exists. I want an object being worn already to rez a HUD. llAttachToAvatar needs to go in the HUD script as far as I can see but the HUD is being rezzed as a visible object.
  2. I want an object to be able to supply a HUD to the wearer but it rezzes it ( built as a very thin basic box) as an object rather than as a HUD. Can anyone suggest what I am doing wrong please? Rez instruction is: llRezObject(llGetInventoryName(INVENTORY_OBJECT,0),llGetPos() + <0, 0, 0>, ZERO_VECTOR, ZERO_ROTATION, 0); I am sure this must be a very basic question but I can't find an answer via search or Google. Any help appreciated.
  3. I realised after I had logged off and gone to bed that it is probably the listeners that are interacting so ignore my stupidity whilst I go and work out how to solve that.
  4. I am probably doing something really stupid here but ... I have created two dance balls (male and female) that support multiple avatars via individual scripts with messages passed via llMessageLinked. If the balls are close to each other scripts on both respond when I touch one dance ball. If I move them far enough apart the problem disappears. There must be a scripting solution I presume. Calls are of the form: llMessageLinked(LINK_THIS,z,mes,NULL_KEY); which I hoped would restrict where the messages went. Any suggestions?
  5. Thanks, although not everything seemed to come back, maybe I need to look around a bit more. Do LL document this anywhere?
  6. I have rented a 1/16th of a Sim (not on mainland) for a while. I recently transferred to group ownership with my partner and foolishly did not transfer all the objects (house, garden etc.) on the land to group ownership. Yesterday I found a couple of boxes an outsider had managed to rezz and switched on auto return to get rid of them. Of course everything I had added before transferring ownership to the group disappeared. Stupid and in theory I can rebuild but to my question: Some objects were not auto-returned to my inventory and seem to have disappeared entirely. Should that have happened? Is there any way to get them back? Am I looking at some expensive shopping?
  7. Not an answer but a similar problem of clothes not showing properly although apparently being worn (sometimes grey, sometimes just covering colouration on skin). I noticed it after downloading Catznip v8 but as others don't see the clothes I imagine it not to be a specific Catznip problem.
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