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  1. They do and the attachment is effectively unique and each uses different channels for communication. Does that help? If so, are there examples I can look at? As I say it all works beautifully if you can right click on theri name and get the Offer teleport optin (Catznip UI at least)
  2. rlv gives you something very close to godmode teleporting (consensual effectively as you have to have agreed to the rlv). That side of it is fine, or at least works for me. The issue is finding ways in which you can offer an avatar a teleport. If you have their 'handle' (not sure that is the right word but highlighted name in local because they have spoken/emoted in local) it all works perfectly. If you don't, are there other ways of being able to offer a teleport? I've tried accessing the profile but that doesn't offer a teleport option. It is hard to get the message to cause llTeleportAgent from another sim. Can a script force an avatar to 'publish their handle' in local?
  3. I'm not sure if this is really a scripting issue, an rlv problem or a general second life issue but here goes. Not even sure I can express it clearly. I am working on a consensual system for people to be 'captured' and teleported by someone anonymously, i.e they will not be aware of the person who has performed the action on them. This rules out any IM communications between the parties. Using suitable rlv commands, moving to another sim and then summoning the subject anonymously works if you have a way of offering a teleport (rlv enforces the teleport with no information). In testing this is easy because the subject has spoken in local chat so their name (handle?) is available to instigate the teleport offer. If this is not the case, is there a programmatic way to offer the teleport when already on another sim, i.e. they won't show up on a listing of nearby avatars? Failing that is there a way to enforce the name to appear in local chat? I believe Trackers such as SIN use a separate server to maintain records of who is logged in and where, something that would be difficult in this case.
  4. I don't know any of the technical stuff about coms but adding a new listen and recreating the dialog on detecting a sim change works perfectly. On Catznip, the old dialog box is also tidied up properly. Thanks for the help in solving it. Now onto the next problem ...
  5. Excellent, thanks to all for the help. Will do some more testing tomorrow.
  6. Thanks, saves me a test. Unfortunately of course the dialog box is still displayed. I guess I need to recreate the dialog box and the listener, that should work but is a bit ugly as the identical old box remains. Thanks for the input
  7. That was vaguely what I was thinking might happen, so I should detect a sim change and restore the listener?
  8. Thanks Wulfie, I'm wearing the object so that shouldn't be the problem
  9. Basic excerpts from script: llDialog(avatarId,level2Message,level2Buttons,dialogChannel); Listener listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message) { if (channel == dialogChannel) { if (message == "TALK") { llTextBox(avatarId, "Type a private message to your sub", dialogChannel2); } else if (message == "RELEASE") { llRegionSayTo(subId,myDomChannel,message); state default; } else { llDialog(avatarId,level2Message,level2Buttons,dialogChannel); llRegionSayTo(subId,myDomChannel,message); } }
  10. I have a dialog box that works perfectly whilst staying on the same sim (for most options it redisplays after processing). If I teleport to a new sim with the dialog box displayed it appears to have been disabled, i.e. doesn't respond to an option choice and doesn't redisplay. Is this expected behaviour or am I doing something stupid? Edit: I just checked that it still fails on a sim that i know allows scripting, in fact the sim where it worked perfectly before.
  11. I suspect I'm going to feel very silly when I get the answer to this but how do you enforce new lines in a message sent via llEmail? I have tried /n and %0A and they both appear exactly like that. I simply want the email to contain a list with each item on a new line.
  12. Unfortunately not, given that each avatar always maintains the same alias with @shownames. What I really need is a version of @recvchat that either just discards the message entirely or replaces it with ellipsis but no speaker id. Guess I can move on to the next project..
  13. I want to hide who is speaking in local chat using rlv. @recvchat or @recvchat_sec hide the content of the chat but leave the identity of the speaker followed by ellipsis in place of the content. I want the opposite, content shown (easy via a script that listens on channel 0 and echoes to owner) but identity hidden. Is it possible? N.B. Hiding names via rlv doesn't help because avatars have a consistent name with this so are effectively identifiable.
  14. Thanks, that could be it Qie. I probably edited the table without going thrrough the reset so it would still apply. Will check it out. Out of interest could an object animate a large number of avatars via that route or would another sitting on the object clear the override on the previous one?
  15. I'm clearly doing something stupid but can't work out what. I have two objects, one rezzed by the other, both of which can be sat on and both of which will override the sitting animation with their own animations, which may be changed again by the script, i.e. bothe objects are likely to be issuing llSetAnimationOverride commands on a regular basis. My problem is that the avatar sitting on the second object is changing their animation in response to commands from the script in the first object and performing animations not even contained in the object they are sitting on.
  16. Thanks Rolig, I want it to slow gradually so better get my maths calculations going. I wasn't doing any calculations just cutting the speed in llTargetOmega on each timer event. Maybe worth contributing the script to the community if I ever sort it
  17. Thanks for the help. llSetLinkPrimitiveParams ([PRIM_ROTATION]) sets it to a specific rotation if I read correctly? So I'd need to do my own calculationof how far it had rotated at each time interval if I went that way. I guess the best bet is to calculate roughly what starting speed of llTargetOmega would get me to each compass point (results of course are not exactly repeatable) and then as speed of rotation gets to zero, correct with llSetLinkPrimitiveParams ([PRIM_ROTATION]). I thought this was going to be an easy one, very foolish.
  18. I am trying to get an object (table) to spin round the z axis gradually slowing and ending up aligned to a compass point. I have got the slowing working fine but I am having problems getting it to stop aligned and would welcome any suggestions. My first thought was llGetRot() as it slowed past a certain speed of rotation and stopping when it next hit a compass point but llRot2Euler(llGetRot()) always seems to return a zero rotation for me. Would be grateful for any thoughts, suggestions or pointers to scripts.
  19. llSensor it seems cannot be used to sense attachments. I wonder if there is a way to check whether all avatars within a specified distance have a particular attachment. e.g. is everyone at a masquerade wearing a mask supplied to them.
  20. A friend, who overestimates my scritping abilities, has asked for help with the following scenario: She has a leash post and when leashed to it wants another specific avatar to be able to trigger an animation from a menu. The only solution that occurs to me is to have another object attached to the avatar which will listen for messages on a defined channel and then trigger the animation (assuming permissions etc.). Am I missing any simpler ways of doing it?
  21. Just as a follow up for other's information: llSetKeyFramedMotion did just what was needed. The object being moverd must have at least one mesh component though but I found a full perm mesh box on the marketplace for 1 Linden, which works perfectly.
  22. Thanks for the help. I had made the object very small so that may be the issue. I will look at llSetKeyFramedMotion too as it may be a better solution anyway.
  23. I want to move an object my avatar is sitting on slowly to a new position. llMoveToTarget seems to be the answer but the object must have STATUS_PHYSICS set to TRUE and when I do this I get told that there is no suitable surface to sit on. Is this universal with STATUS_PHYSICS or does it depend on size or something else?
  24. Thanks for all the help so far. I think I am nearly there. I can give a HUD via the menu from the base object, with llGiveInventory. The HUD attaches itself correctly when added. I'm still trying to get a step in-between so that the given HUD asks for permission to attach itself automatically. Any suggestions or pointers to tutorial please?
  25. Great, thanks. I am getting there now ... just need to work on the Permissions side but sure that is covered in a tutorial.
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