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  1. Well what happened to Sansar .....it got better and has gotten worst! Good! ....Load times are now much faster, better user interface, less powerful computers needed to run it. overall i was impressed Bad! ..Land tools were tossed out the window..why buy a house when you have no ground to put it on... Just like SL they took away last names .. example 'Shansi Kenin' was a name available before, now they want to name me ShansiKenin @shansikenin748788 adding all kinds of numbers to my name...sorry in a social platform i want a last name not random gibberish. Btw. you still cannot change your email address even if you put in a support ticket I've already tried, Overall, it seems to be doing good. while being light years ahead of High Fidelity i might add.
  2. Yes, they just use words as weapons. they do not need to display aggression to get respect from the betas. Fun Fact - most alpha females will be 85% more likely to give birth to a daughter even if the father is a alpha
  3. I agree Luna, but it is a generational thing on top of a huge cultural shift, you're husband sounds like a gentleman.. they are a dying breed not likely to be replaced take me back a decade when so much was going on here that few cared about what was happening in real life.... those were the days!
  4. Alphas are great, if you're are only looking for a fast low brow hook-up with a Chad /Tyrone type.🙂 while yes Beta is the nice guy who will always finish last! 10 Values Of The Sigma Male 1. No need to prove anything 2. Autonomy 3. Ideological independence 4. Intellect 5. Adaptability 6. Solitude 7. Introspection 8. Civil Disobedience 9. Winning by not playing 10. Silence is golden. https://www.girlschase.com/content/sigma-male-alternative-being-alpha-male
  5. Well, according to the well respected life experts at MTV, the whole "Men not liking Men' thing is toxic masculinity. 😐 My solution is to ban private estates from renting to these single withdrawn men, instead only allowing them to rent on the mainland in a large communal setting, overseen by community experts until they can rehabilitate back in to society.
  6. Maybe, we should also consider the Shocking Truth about 'Male-Pattern Baldness' that's exploded across the grid. 😏
  7. 1. Buy VRChat 2. Add a Marketplace to it 3. Add Linden Dollars to it 4. Tell everyone it's a new world "in the Spirit of Secondlife 2.0" with it being the new "Wordpress of VR Goggles"
  8. well not to be critical'? this section of the forum is really only about 2ndlife 'not other grids or promoting them
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