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  1. An inexpensive Acer Nitro or Predator Laptop with a GTX 1050ti or Higher with 16 GB of ram with any 6 Core Intel or AMD processor is perfect! same specs of my laptop that cost me $650..use it every day on max setting in SL .. my advice is avoid any laptop that only uses a APU (intergrated graphics) vs a CPU/GPU combo..also SL works better with Nvidia Graphics.
  2. If the plus plan would include SLGo Onlive type options then they can sign me up! 😍
  3. Here is a great tool that can really make landscaping a breeze! Link Make the ground Mesh with this tool! Link by turning the sculpts into mesh with this convertor! Link Expensive Yes!... it just depends on how detailed and far you want to go 🧐
  4. I think if your an Estate Owner(own 1 full region or more) but are not Premuim, you would qualify to get your name changed at no cost.
  5. I would use 3D Coat its much cheaper and works with all Adobe plugins, have you tried it?
  6. I would recommend learning with a mixed work flow as an example mine is FBX Converter Meshlab Sculptris Affinity Photo MakeHuman 3D Coat XNormal At the direction Blender is heading(not great in my view), you might be better off paying for or getting a free version of software like Modo or ZBrush
  7. Was anyone else distracted by the rigidity of Oz's mustache?
  8. I've got some ocean front property in Arizona for sale.
  9. Now that Bento is here the 3rd option is talking to everyone in sign language, maybe throw up some gang signs?
  10. Yes it will. it might hold on for many years from now, whats important is enjoying it while its here and how it improves your life and you as a person.
  11. Linden Lab could never afford the cost of keeping a paid security detail around such an embassy, due to the high probability of mass prim bombers trying to blow the pixels out of everyone while suicide script kiddies would fly in like 911😉
  12. It never fully took off due to them not having a Unified Roadmap, Central Website, OS Viewer/Web Browser...Unified Developers & Solid Funding....every time someone tried to rescue the community the community would bite them back..Project Moses and the way they were vilified was a good example Places like Inworldz were one women seeking total control ended up destroying everything that tens of thousands of residents built, years of hard work, then in the end she cashed out with a nice bailout bonus paid through gofundme. Aviworlds shutdown overnight after years of that lady running it to the ground with insane rules that took any fun out of it. Spoton3D and the war against it by the OS Community OpenLife shut down after some very serious investments were made by thousands of residents here being the first of many of the "New Cool Grids" over the next decade that would open up, then fail taking everyone time and investment with them and with all that giving opensim a bad reputation. new worlds like VRChat & Sansar and others are becoming the way to go, linden lab got a new CEO who changed alot of the things that gave people a reason to want to go to opensim in the 1st place. I think whatever purpose OpenSim has right now is whats important, keep using it, enjoying it, while getting past the ' any moment now SecondLife is going to bust with everyone running here' mentality and you will be just fine.
  13. I have no opinion one way or the other ...I just wanted to expand the OP information to better understand what it is they might be dealing with in regards to CDS.
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