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  1. I was just on gaming sims last night but today can't get on any of them .. why?
  2. AleezGlory


    I have been a premium member over a week (Thursday--paid annually) and no stipend yet. When will I get it, and will it show on my account transactions as a credit so I will know I got it?
  3. WA West .. sim/region/estate ... $300 USD... buyer pays transfer fee... I am on daily and on the region. The linden 'fee' date is the 5th of each month.
  4. WA West .. region/estate/sim........$300 USD... buyer pays transfer fee..........I am on daily and on the region. The place has been developed for well over a year.
  5. WA West....full region/sim .. will sell for $300 USD .. buyer pays transfer fee.... on the region daily .. It is over a year old and has been developed that long.
  6. Buy WA West for just $300 USD .. monthly fee is $295 USD a month
  7. I have owned a full sim for going on two years and paid the full fee each and every month and now the offer of paying $600 upfront to have a lower 'fee' rate when I paid the higher one so long seems to me should count for something. Instead have to cough up more $$$ upfront to get 'grandfathered' in rate. Something should be done for those of us who paid full fee for over a year to reduce our rate besides having to pay even more to get lower rate. Don't like it! Are there any plans to really help those that strive to come up with the fee every month over and over and don't have $600 laying around to do this?
  8. There is an automatic group invite feature on Bright Rental boxes. Establish a group for only your renters. Then include that group on the land settings.
  9. Is there a way ...list or something... of sims you are banned from? Some way to see what, if any, sims have banned you?
  10. help ...need simple laptop app for texting ..iming in sl .. cause when my internet slows I can not get on sl and would like to at least chat back and forth during such times
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