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  1. Today, I had an interesting conversation with someone, who had their group spammed by a renter of mine. The person complained to me that I needed to control what this person spammed in his group. Let me make it very clear to all group owners out there. IF you have a group and someone is spamming information YOU do not want in it. Go directly to the person who is spamming you. You own and control YOUR group! Landlords have no control over what another individual may or may not post in your group. When you are unsure of what course of action to take... Here are three helpful links for you to KNOW before you approach someone who has nothing to do with your situtation Link number 1 - Linden Lab TOS - it's my advice to know this information, afterall YOU did agree to it when you clicked blindely through to log in. Link Number 2 - Transactions and Disputes Between Residents - Note the last line "Please contact the Resident involved and resolve the issue with them." This is between you and the resident that spammed you, not a third party so do not try and make it a problem for a third, fourth or 'insert number' person. Link Number 3 - When to and How to file an Abuse Report - Again please take the time to read this information. It can save your bacon, it has mine on more than one occasion. For those of you who believe that the Lindens do nothing about the Abuse report, I'm sorry but you are Incorrect. The Lindens Governance team will handle your Abuse report, they will not contact you to tell you how it's been resolved, at the most they will contact you if they have any further questions. They take reports from residents seriously, regardless if your a paid or unpaid account. Make sure when you have a beef with another resident you handle it correctly. Know TOS inside and out, when to file an abuse report and when to work it out directly with the other Resident. You might just be surprised at how quickly things will be resolved if you do so.
  2. I'm looking to purchase a full prim region. Please contact me in world if your selling with a price and tier date. Thanks!
  3. Looking to buy a Grandfathered homestead. Please contact me in world with price, tier date and availablity. Thanks - Spicy Braveheart.
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