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  1. Hello ,i am looking to buy a female and male mesh avatar full rigged and with a hud to hide parts of the body and at least 3 skin tones for each i am looking for a 3d artist, will buy a product after i see a demo of the work ,works must be commercial grade and well rigged ,better if bento contact me by sending inworld a notecard ,try im but they capped so test your luck
  2. Katos steampunk gentlemens club is looking for good dancers and escorts to work with us no times no schedulers just come and have fun contant me lucrezialust resident for info
  3. i need custom hairs and also custum mesh clothes and "genitalia" i need them full perm the female and male genitalia must be full scripted with a proper hud i will pay for it contact me in sl:matte-motes-big-grin:
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