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  1. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: i wonder what people would do if LL started enforcing this.. 5.1 Each Linden dollar is a virtual token representing contractual permission from Linden Lab to access features of the Service. Linden dollars are available for Purchase or distribution at Linden Lab's discretion, and are not redeemable for monetary value from Linden Lab. LL already enforces that, they have not bought back a single L$ in years, when you cash out on Lindex or any other exchange you are selling your L$ to other residents not to LL.
  2. I managed to get fablewood forrest fixed with a restart, so it is a good idea stephan
  3. both my reported sims are up too, safe kitten looks normal, fablewood forest there are prims not rendering, these are reported the same by several people and refuse to render even after editing or relogging, it happens to both worn meshes and sculps but not all sculps but always the same prims. edit: there is also an isue with display names not showing more edit: groups are not showing members
  4. What is the expected down time for this restart? I have 2 sims now that are down for more then 30 minutes, safe kitten and fablewood forest.
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