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  1. Problem has been resolved. In order to fix it fully you need to forget using anything in the windows and head toward your %appdate roaming folder and delete everything in there as well as a clean install and remove any kinda teporary files that might of accumulated over the time using this, made my program run faster, made me realize the clear cache system built into the viewer is not one to ever trust and to manual do things you need to do. This resolved the issue on all platforms and viewers to a tee. thanks to everyone who helped in this form, i hope you guys have a wonderful day and i hope maybe in the future if someone else gets this issue they come across this forum and the resolving answer to atleast the type of problem i was dealing with.
  2. have read and tried the methods asked and it still persists on both viewers sadly, i honestly dont know what to do now, i sent in a case file to secondlife to maybe see if they know more about the problem. As well the problem even consists on staying when i even go to the sl beta grid, witch has never happened.
  3. My friends dont seem to have the issue, but i have seen this bug coming about of recently within a few other forums touching up on the subject and every single one has no resolving answer to it...its kinda interesting but also upsetting as this has stopped my item production when its so close to being finished.
  4. thank ya, at this point it has to be on their end, i hope they can just refresh my account or something i suppose.
  5. VIDEO EXAMPLE: https://youtu.be/EroQ7cTTIvs So i posted in another section of the sl forums about this issue, but i thought maybe it might get more traction here as well as i am desperate to resolve this issue. Okay, the problem is, no matter what i do, the edit/content tab will not load the contents in anything i observe in the root prim. Not even a "new script" I have tried everything i can to resolve this, from upping my cache, to lowering my graphics, to re-starting from scratch on projects, clean installs of both the sl viewer and firestorm and nothing seems to resolve the issue. I have tried going to different regions to see if that was the cause, pretty much anything you can think of, or well atleast me. Sometimes content will load up and i can see it, but i cant really do anything from that point on, if i delete something from the object, it wont show it deleted until i turn off edit mode and then re-click it and go to the content tab, but when i do this i get stuck back into "loading content" once again. if anyone has had this issue please let me know if you found a way to resolve it.
  6. No there is content inside of it, two scripts that i have used before, but this isnt just my one item its with anything in my inventory that has contents inside their root prims. And i mean every single one of them, from a newly purchased item i have to rez to the floor to open to me building or putting in the beginner script that just says "hello avatar" it just wont load the contents. now from time to time it will load them, but it takes about 5 minutes for them to load up in the contents tab. I dont know whats causing it and i think i have done everything i could think of on my end including just making the object again and checking it if persists to do so. I think the best option i can suggest is maybe making a video and showing you by example Now from time to time if i toss in a script while its trying to load the contents, it will instantly load them up and show what i wish to see, but thats it, i cant modify them at all like deleting them, if i delete one it wont show it deleting until i get off the edit mode and then back on, and once i get back on to look into the content tab and see the removal of the scripts i just removed it wont load the contents to be visable. VIDEO EXAMPLE:
  7. oh, I know, i was just trouble shooting based on other threads pertaining to this problem, no matter what i do it wont load the contents in the root prim item. it just seems to not want to load for some reason on ether kind of viewer i use.
  8. Recently i have come across something as a first for me that i rarely see real answers for on the forums and its got me puzzled on how to fix. Any time i wish to go into edit mode and check the contents tab, no matter what it wont load the contents up. Now the item i have is full perms, its something i created so there is no issue there, and the amount of items in the items contents tab is literally a single script. I tried resolving this issue by going to my preferances and clearing my cache, but that did not resolve a thing when i relogged back in. The next thing i tried was lowing my graphics to low as possible, as well i even up my kps bandwith to 1500. when this did not resolve it i uninstalled secondlife both firestorm and sl viewer, ether times after re-installing the problem stayed consistent. I looked on the logs for the grid statuses and decided to jump to different sims to see if it was a lag problem with the current region, the problem still insists on being with me and enjoying my company. Does anyone have any idea if its just sl's servers going on or is it something on my side? this has never happened to me in the 7 years i have been here.
  9. Hello, as the title states i am loking to refresh my inventory with what i have in the normal sl grid to match the one in the beta preview grid. normally you just have to change the password and such, but i have done this three times and waited about three days now and checked in at the same time i had changed my password and still nothing has changed, or refreshed nor has the password changed for me to enter the beta grid and log in with it, it stays stuck on the older password instead. anyone got a solution to this problem?
  10. Now i understand your rant their, but to be honest i know of a few good rp place's that dont cost a penny unless you wish to own a small bit of land upon it. and i fully understand i had a private sime with a few people not to long ago and it went under due to people i had helping me not really helping but taking advantage, so i do know the struggles. but it seem's as though, the place's that ask for tuition tend to be place's where people honestly dont know how to "RP" instead they blast really stupid sounds from gesture's and "tawlk lik dis" with out any discription on what their character is doing, only talking dialoge you have to decode. thats my issue with the place's i have to pay to rp, and heck, i rather go to a rp place that has paragraph dialoge and description that has no tuition pay, witch makes me want to donate so i can keep this awesome rp place going, then one place that has the theme im looking for but crappy player's. so all and all i do know what you mean by keeping the rent, and i am in the real world, but heck, atleast give me a decent rp i would be happy to pay for then one thats crappy and hell bent on nothing but voice gesture's and one liner's. so thanks for not helping and ranting ^w^ but i think ill look to another answer, thank you.
  11. So, recently i have started looking for rp's that are more g-rated and less violent then zombie rp's and more to the point, ones where you can just relax, make up cute stories and antics of what a child would do in a school, for example "rugrats show" but honestly each time i look around, it seem's as though, each school i go to, cost to rp in, i understand people need to pay their land off some how, but some tuitions raise up to nearly 600L every two weeks. and to be honest, most of those place's have some really bad role player's, people who spit out only one line of description and use awful child gesture's constantly instead of typing out a nice dialoge instead. so, dose anyone know of any good rp place's for children to be allowed on? or a school that dosent cost to join? because from what i have seen, lots of other rp's do0nt have a cost but when it come's to child family av's they wish to make a quick buck out of it. so please let me know ^w^
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