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  1. Is this where I post my pics?
  2. Oh no...I totally have a speedo, a real banana hammock.
  3. I promise I do not have any of those things! I do have a pair of cargo shorts that are for camping and hiking only!
  4. lol! I still have plenty of shopping money! But thank you for the compliment!
  5. no I havent! How does that normally go?
  6. Welllll How the hell am I supposed to know when you are working? I need to change the title of this threat to taking applications for friends...I am finding Second Life incredibly boring and lack luster.,
  7. im offering free dances and inspections.
  8. Yay your back! we have officially revitalized this thread!
  9. Seee!? wait til you see him dance and do the hauka!
  10. Didnt even realize I did! haha I was trying to catch the lighting right
  11. https://gyazo.com/55e6ff598ee527699d3810241af40268
  12. Im pretty sure you are the one that started it, Cindy! I swear he looks just like him! you gotta see it!
  13. There was a lot of talk early on about Jason Mamoa...I would like to announce here that my avatar currently looks exactly like Jason Mamoa...if you want to see just IM me in world! I am quite proud of the build.
  14. Riotriot


    I am looking for some Space RP and flying to fly my space ship and be a pirate. Where do I go!?
  15. I have blankets, and coffee for everyone and I just made snacks! lets go!