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  1. Well, In my store (Also Kitsune shans store because he is my partner and he is my rigger) I have many type of reviews: From 1 to 5. We are lucky you can flag unfair reviews, but sometimes I get 1 star review from some customers because in the item says "No mod" and they want it "mod". They were happy with everything, and they said it in that review. But they left a single star. That mark my release forever like: The worst thing you can ever find. And that's is unfair. I sell thousands of items, but rarely get reviews, and when I get is just for ask things or for suggestions. When suggestions they review with 5 star usually, but when is something like "mod" rights, they left me a "beautiful" 1 star. :_D So we need a better review system. And not force, but just ask to the customer to please left a review. A review like Kitsune listed above will be nice, add many reviews in one such: Fitting, texturing, render cost maybe.... Will make reviews more fair. In furnitures can be: Texturing, details, land impact, pose quality.
  2. I want to add my request too. I think nobody ask about the things I will say, if they ask well... a vote for it. -Wishlist of items: Will be nice if people can have wishlist, with privacy settings and the ability to share with friends if they want. That is good for save for later any item you want but you not have money in that moment or just are offline and you prefer buy it when you are online. Also is good for give gifts for friends. -Follow or add to favourite store: Another thing really nice will be able to follow the stores, so you can know when they release new things with e-mail notifications. -The Ability to bann some bad customers: If something we have to struggle every time is that customers that put 1 star review to all your demos only because reasons they only know. Sometimes haters, grieffers... or bored people.... We can already bann those people of our sims, but not from MP. I seen many unfair 1 star reviews on MP of people like that and I think bann people like that is a good thing. Plus they rarely buy a full product, they review demos. Just for hurt the creator. -Ability to send updates to customers: As we already do with some vendor system. -A way to link vendors In world to Marketplace: So we are not forced to use vendor systems to provide redelivery in world. (Vendor systems fails in high traffic sims sometimes and I'm not a fan of them) And, that's all for the moment! ^^ I really hope they listen to us.
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