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  1. Blue grass is used in Gor and many other role play, as well as RL, herbal remedies. If you yahoo or google "Gor healing", a few off world sites will be presented that offer good game documentation for their uses and preparation. Usually prepared as a tea, but can be a poltice, too. sorry if this is wrong place for this reply.
  2. I was also able join my land with a Linden road in between, though I would like to know what the policy is for building a bridge over a linden road to physically walk over to the other piece, without walking across the road on the ground.
  3. I am use to keeping a preapproved amount in us for paying land fees and membership, now that appears gone?
  4. i am another female sub, would you be interested in sharing and teaching?
  5. those are really clever and funny, thanks for the posts. More.....lol
  6. interesting, certainly worth discussing, im me and we can chat further....
  7. understand how you feel. been burned a little, but i like the posibilities here.
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