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  1. Hi there! I'm also a newbie, and need friends to hang out with, enjoy all that SL has to offer. While I have found a couple of nice friends, often I'm alone and get bored So send me a message and see if you and I can become good friends. Thanks, lizbeth2u
  2. Hi, I'm new in SL, have found I really enjoy myself when I'm with friends, when they go offline, then I get very bored and lonesome. Find myself shopping, alone and lonely. Looking for both ladies and gentlemen to hang out with, dance with. ( prefer men for that please) And explore the different worlds here. I'm a caring person in both SL and RL. Just need more true friends 'Since I am so new could also use someone to help me with my avi. Still not satisfied with my looks. If you want to be friends please send me a message. Thank you lizbeth
  3. Hi, You really sound like a wonderful guy. And someone will be lucky to be that one woman you need I am new here and find when my few friends are offline I get lonesome. I'm not a wild thing that would Go with just anyone. Not into sexual things with just anyone at anytime. I love to dance, cuddle. So many things One can do in SL. I too do not want a relationship out of SL. Best of luck with finding that one woman. She will be very lucky to have your time and attention. lizbeth
  4. hi, while I'm new to SL, I too am looking for friends and places to hang out. Some ot the places I've been to just are not friendly to those of us newbies. I believe this is my 2nd week in SL. I love all types of music and dancing, making friends, exploring the many worlds in SL. Plus, I need advice on how to become the person I really am . A fun loving, friendly lady All friends are welcome and appreciated. I also love to shop as i need more clothes, and a better avi. One that represents the real me. thanks, Lizbeth
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