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  1. This sounds interesting. I'd like to hear more about it. I'm on mostly.
  2. For those who couldn't make it, just add me and we'll make plans later
  3. No, you haven't missed it. It's tonight at 8:45 pm at IT takes a Smile. I think I may send everyone here a teleport during that time
  4. Okay how about 8:45 est at that place tomorrow for now, and if you miss it just give a shout out and we'll do it again. Hopefully see you guys there.
  5. What's a good time for you guys. We'll vary the time and place we meet. I think It starts with a Smile, Onyx Island is a good meeting place, but tell me what you guys think.
  6. I want to make new friends not just an add, and I think lots of people do to, so I think those of us who want to should try to find a meeting ground and a date and just meet and chat. Who's with me?
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