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  1. Hello everyone that has posted a reply to my question! Oh my what did I do? I went and trusted someone, and gave them my email , bad move ! They then went and found my RL facebook account and found me while I was there. So, my concerns for not giving out my RL information are now more of a concern than ever! Just when I thought I knew someone , they go and stalk me. I don't have anything to hide on my FB but it is creepy to have someone check me out that way I would never go looking for someone's private information. Why do others ? Oh well, no more trust for me. Shame really So, here I am back to wondering if I can be SL friends and not share my RL. To each of you have a wonderful day and enjoy life to the fullest. Will leave with my favorite poem written by .... Elizabeth Barrett Browning "How Do I Love Thee" How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the depth and breadth and height My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight For the ends of Being and ideal Grace. I love thee to the level of every day's Most quiet need, by sun and candlelight I love thee freely, as men strive for Right; I love thee purely, as they turn from Praise. I love with a passion put to use. In my old griefs, and with my childhood's faith. I love thee with a love I seemed to lose With my lost saints, I love thee with the breath, Smiles, tears, of all my life! and, if God choose, I shall but love thee better after death.
  2. Hi, having read all the replies I want to add my own experience and why I came to sl I am in a relationship without any physical love, none. We simply live in the same home In separate rooms, never touching one another. We stay together for material things. This all sounds horrible I know, but in my case I simply can't afford to live on my own He also doesn't want to separate due to having to share with me anything.So, we do our own Things, I do not go out in rl with anyone nor does he that I know of. We don't have any children So they none to be ignored. I am very bored in my rl. And felt that perhaps sl would give me some excitement. So far I have not Found anyone as a bf or lover. Just spend my time exploring and chatting with the few friends I do have. None are interested in being sexual with me. I would never bring my rl into a sl relationship. I am very careful to not mix the two. I hope you do not judge me as I am trying to be a respected lady in sl that has high moral values Just wanting some excitement in my boring rl If I were in love in rl I would not be in sl. If my house mate loved me I would not be here. But, we Do not love one another it is simply a financial relationship. So this is my reason. I do not want to meet up with anyone in rl Just be friends. Life is too short to not experience all we can. And I do not judge anyone for what they choose to do in sl. Not my place and I ask that you give me The same respect. If you have never walked in someone's shoes then please don't judge. Thanks, Liz
  3. Christian Thank you, your reply gives me hope. I just want to be friends, maybe more if the right man Come along. And, let rl stay there. I am wanting to explore my wild side in sl which is something I can not do in rl. So, thank you for your honest reply. Liz
  4. Thanks again, it is hard when I find someone I find very caring and could care deeply about to not share more RL details. My RL is complicated, and I just am not comfortable with sharing anymore than what I have stated before. I fully understand this may keep me from finding a SL bf. As, those that fit what I am looking for all want to know so many RL details. I have removed many friends due to constantly being asked for my RL info . Perhaps I should join a role play group, would that help? Anyone know of a good Family role play group ? Thanks again Liz
  5. Hello and thanks to all that have given your much appreciated advice. First off I am willing to share my thoughts, views, beliefs if asked. That is part of who Am in both RL and SL. I find that men want to know both my age and ask to see my RL ' Picture, and ask for my email. I gladly share I'm from America, and what time zone I live in. I do not wish to share my Email, nor photos, nor my age. That is very personal to me and I fear I could be In some danger if I disclose this type of personal information, I find I have to be who I am in SL, but with a flair for fantasy I do not have in RL Also, I dress my avi totally different than I would in RL. As, I am a reserved lady In RL that would never do the things my SL avi can enjoy doing! Again thank each one of you for your opinions. Have a wonderful day Liz
  6. Hello everyone! I am seeking SL friends but can not do real life with them. Except for sharing my RL views, and who I am in all ways except for my private information. I am not sure this is possible as I've met a couple of extremely wonderful men but they Want to know all about my real life information., Is it possible to really develop close friendships in SL without getting into one's private Life? I just want some nice friends to enjoy SL with, explore the many worlds, dance, even some romance if that came into the picture Am I asking too much? Any advice is appreciated Liz
  7. hi there then please add me as a friend,,, it may show up as lizbeth2u or as simply Liz anxious to meet new SL friends!! Liz
  8. Hi, I'm in need of some good SL friends, have I missed the group? If not please let me know when and where you are meeting. . I'm on Eastern Standard time. Hope to meet up with all of you! Liz
  9. Hello there When you are back inworld look me up, if I'm busy it might take me a few mins to respond but am Happy to make new friends. Lizbeth2u
  10. Hello Would love to know more about your role play sim. As, I have just started looking for one I can belong to. Contact me inwold by my SL name............. lizbeth2u Thanks
  11. Hi Tex Thanks for the suggestions! He did ask me to become friends, and after I checked his profile I agreed. Never knew I could add comments to someone's profile. This is news to me. I know exactly where we met as I go there often. The Botanical Gardens. It is my safe place where I often go and leave my avi. ( as I do not have a place of my own. Hopefully one day I can rent a place. One of my few friends said that premium membership was not that good) ( even though he is a premium member?) I'm also very conscious of what I let my avi wear. As I do not want to give the wrong impression. If you look at my profile you will see I (my avi) wears mostly formal gowns. But, realize I need to add jeans and casual attire as many places I would be out of place in my formals. again many thanks for all the great suggestions!! Elizabeth
  12. Hi there! thanks for all the great tips! I will most definitely try your suggestions next time I'm at a place. Often I must admit To not saying anything. Although lately I have spoken in open chat and only the greeter would reply. As you well said, if that happens ,,,,,,,,, just mark that place off my list and do not return. There are so many lovely places to try so hopefully I'll meet some friendly people while out and about. I do have to say today while at the Botanical Gardens( where I leave my avi) I was just sitting on a bench Looking out at the sunset and found a man sitting there beside me. He started up a conversation with me! I did have to leave due to real life, but he was nice. And, a first for someone to actually speak to me first! So, wish me luck, as at least now someone has complimented me on my avi and on my profile. Which Is more important to me than what my avi looks like ( my own personal notes) Have a wonderful day everyone!! Elizabeth
  13. Hi there! I too seek friends of both sexes, and I've only been in SL since Jan.12th I believe, my how time has gone by One thing I have found is that most of my early friends are now gone? So, I would love to be friends. Just IM me In world when you see me there! Have a wonderful day Elizabeth
  14. Hello Wanted to reply to those of you that have sent sincere messages. I do realize I am just lonely, and that what I need is More good friends. As, in RL, it takes time for love to develop. So, I am just looking now for some true friends. I do have one very special friend, but he will not be online often during the summer months. However; the times We spend together are very enjoyable. He is a true gentleman. This is the type I am looking for someone that doesn't come on wanting anything but a real friendship in SL. I am a very devoted and loyal friend. One that has found out I do not fit into clubs, nor role play groups. I am seeking genuine friends. Will be traveling myself this summer so will not be in SL while abroad. Anyone here belong to the Road Scholar program? This is the group I am going to England with in August. Thanks to all of you that have tried to help me and to that one soul that seems to be miserable, well I could have reported him but that is not who I am. Have a wonderful day Elizabeth I
  15. Hello there! I'm replying to your original post rather than the replies. First off, this lady would never want a "bad guy" and I do not understand any lady wanting to be hurt over And over again. So, keep on looking there are ladies that value a gentleman. One that is true to her, doesn't cheat or abuse her I know I am that lady, would never spend time with someone that treated me badly. I don't even want to be around Anyone that uses profanity. But, I am a lady in RL that has high standards, so that comes with me to SL. Best of luck finding that special lady Elizabeth
  16. Sir I find your comments very crude and request you remove them. I did not ask for a man to make out with. I am a real life lady and have high moral standards. If I wanted that I would dress my avi as a tramp, but if you look At her you will see she is not a tramp but a classy lady. Which I am in real life Your comments offend me .
  17. Hi thank you for your help, it is quite difficult for me to IM someone, but will go out of my comfort zone and try as in RL I am always worried that I will be ignored or turned away. That is due to my RL self esteem issues. But I'll step out and just do what you suggest, I do spend too much time in solitude, places where I am alone. Thanks for your good advice Elizabeth
  18. You have me smiling now, as I read again your comments....... Concerning kicking to the curb men that ask for sex up front................. Believe me I have done that a few times. :matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  19. Hi again! Just went into my profile and deleted many of my groups, I assure you that I did not realize that group was that type! I do not ask anyone for money, never have in real life nor in SL. Now I think I understand what you are talking about, adding interests., Will you be so kind as to look over my profile again in an hour or so when I have time to add some interests. I did remove most of the groups Will be more careful about what I sign up for from now one......... This lady had no idea what that meant! I am a rather shy person both here in SL and in RL. Again many thanks for your advice. Elizabeth
  20. Hello there! Now you have me worried about what group you are talking about. I will go back and remove my first one for sure Will also add more pictures, which I did last night to my profile. I am very concerned a decent man would be turned off by a group my profile says I'm in. Often while searching in sl I sign up but never stay so will need to delete most of the groups I have on my profile. I assure you I am a classy lady in RL with high moral values. I will once again modify my profile, as I do want a sincere, caring man to be friends with that might turn into a SL only relationship. I do wish to keep my sl separate from my RL. Thank you for your help, I do appreciate it Elizabeth
  21. Hello t thank you for this dating site, will try tomorrow as its late my time ( Eastern time zone) I really appreciate all the advice I've been given, many thanks ! Elizabeth
  22. Hello there! what a kind and thoughtful response to my request for help. Thank you! I will go now and change some of my profile to be more friendly. And, become active in things I enjoy. I do admit to keeping myself alone too often. Or when my one friend was on being with him. I have spent so much time exploring by myself that when I have gone out I don't stay long enough to get to know people What a kind and helpful person you are, thank you!! Elizabeth
  23. Hi Thank you for your reply, it could be that my profile has scared away some in the past.(I have modified it to a degree) Once I put "no sex " and that may have run away many:matte-motes-sunglasses-1: Have changed it lately to be more open Yet keeping my standards. I love reading poetry, attending groups that discuss subjects of substance. Of course if I am with someone I care for I love to dance under the moon at sunset. You see I am a romantic soul. This being said, I love to dress up and be in lovely settings preferably with only one special person. I had one but he is off for the summer and I do not know if he will be back in the fall. We were not partners but I really enjoyed his company. A true gentleman So,having said all this I suppose I seek someone similar to spend time with. It seems one can care deeply about someone here in SL even though it is a fantasy world. I am trying to not allow myself to care that deeply again. Thanks again, Elizabeth
  24. Hi and thank you for your reply, I'll give the search "dating" a try. I do think I need to find someone that enjoys some of the same things I do. Not into just sex, but wants to enjoy similar activities. I love to read poetry, and explore lovely sites, attend inspirational meetings. Etc. Am not into clubs, even though I have attended a few in the past. It seems the upscale formal ones I love have only couples dancing. Thanks for your good advice, I do appreciate all help Elizabeth
  25. Thanks Tex, will keep on trying to be myself. a fun loving lady that just wants to enjoy my time in SL, hopefully one day with someone with a good sense of humor.:matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
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