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  1. Hello, I too am lonely here in SL, haven't been here long but find that the number of real friends keeps going down


    To be hones I removed most of my original friends due to their being interested in only sex!


    I am a very caring lady that seeks both lady friends and men for friendship.



    If you would like to have a lady as a friend,then send me an IM in world.


    thank you, 


  2. Hi,

     While I remain somewhat shy, I've also realized I don't' fit in with most groups in SL. Except for the dog lovers


    I want to buy myself a dog in SL, but need a place/ rental preferred.  Are any of you also dog lovers?


    If I don't get involved soon I'll leave SL, as I am not a party girl and do not do sex ( not in SL) so I'm limited


    to what I enjoy while in world.


    If any of you that are shy or not  love dogs and have the virtual kennel club dogs ( the ones I really love and want)


    please contact me.


    Thank you


  3. Hello

       I too need some good friends to both chat with and explore SL with. I am not looking for any sexual friends,

    Just those that enjoy like interests. I am into spiritual, exploring the many fascinating worlds here in SL, perhaps


     getting an intelligent dog, and friends that have one would be wonderful to meet and get to know.




  4. Hi


     thanks for your reply. I still can't imagine being engaged in sl as normal. But, that's just me, as I am a rather conservative

    Lady in RL. Have found that I am not able to allow my avi to be much wilder than myself in RL. I do let her dress much more 

    Formal for ballroom dances, and such. And, I do own two fantasy costumes. ( so far no place to wear them)


    I have added  no sex to my profile and no role playing. That has really eliminated all advances so far. In fact I seem invisible to almost everyone. 


    If you see me in world please send me an IM. Not sure when I will return. As, I'm planning a real trip to England this Sumner and want to spend my time on the details of that adventure which is real.






  5. Thank you for your honest reply. I'm almost to the point of leaving SL. As my RL values are too conservative for this virtual world.


    When I first arrived I was in hopes I could find friends that enjoyed some of the same things I did, and yet remain respectful


    Only a couple have done so. Or the ones that I could be friends with are in a relationship. Which I do not understand. How


    Can one become "engaged" or "married" in a virtual world?  It just doesn't' make sense to this lady.



    But, wanted to thank you for your honest answer.



  6. Thank you for the wise advice. I will look up live performers when I return to SL


    So far I have 2 very nice friends that I enjoy exchanging views on many subjects with



    I have found some lovely spiritual sites, so far no one is there when I am.



    Again thank you



  7. Thank your for your reply and I will take your advise and make sure my profile states I'm not in SL for sex


    I've recently changed my profile picture to mostly show the sunset with only my avis back showing in an effort

    To refrain from any sense of sexuality.



    Again thank you



  8. Hi there,

    Since I am also a shy lady looking for good friends in SL please send me an IM in world.

    Would love to meet you and find out if we connect. I am almost alone these days. Which I do not

    Understand why? I try to be a caring soul to everyone.  Just need to find the right people to explore

    And have fun with.


    Thank you,


    Elizabeth ( Bella)

  9. Hello,

     I find myself wandering around SL totally ignored. My avi is attractive, as I've been given compliments on her.

    I did remove many of my first friends when I found out they were just after sex. I'm looking for spiritual places

    To meditate, meet like minded friends, explore the worlds with friends that share common values.


    Anyone interested in getting to know me better, please send me an IM in world as I do not always check this site



    Thank you,


    Elizabeth ( Bella)

  10. Hi,


      I'm rather new to SL, and am looking for guys and gals that I can hang out with, dance with ( guys only)


    And just explore SL with. I do want those that are respectful to a lady. No sex roles, just good fun.

    If any of you fit this and would like to be friends. Please message me.



    Hope to hear from many of you soon. It gets lonely in SL without friends.



  11. Hi there!


      I'm also a newbie, and need friends to hang out with, enjoy all that SL has to offer.

    While I have found a couple of nice friends, often I'm alone and get bored


    So send me a message and see if you and I can become good friends.



    Thanks, lizbeth2u

  12. hi, while I'm new to SL, I too am looking for friends and places to hang out. Some ot the places I've been to just are not

    friendly to those of us newbies. I believe this is my 2nd week in SL.


    I love all types of music and dancing, making friends, exploring the many worlds in SL. Plus, I need advice on how to


    become the person I really am . A fun loving, friendly lady  All friends are welcome and appreciated.  I also love to shop


    as i need more clothes, and a better avi. One that represents the real me. thanks, Lizbeth

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