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  1. thank you I have tried to make a #RLV folder , and added outfits I must have made a mistake somewhere as my master could not get the clothes to go on. I had made sub folders


    perhaps that's the problem,?

  2. Hello all , am back after been gone for months, have a master that requires i make folders for him to use to change my clothes. i have the RLV enabled, wear his collar ( he is owner)


    but even though i have researched this subject i still have no luck on setting this up.  i have been deleting thousands of old non mesh things in my inventory, down to just under 10,000 from

    over 25.00 in hopes i can create folders i can find, and allow my master to control my outfits. As he demands



    i am not a slave, but a caring submissive lady with class, Just want to do what is right here



    appreciate your help , Thank you


  3. Well it still sucks, since I have no way of knowing if I will get back my lost inventory. Which includes my best avi

    and all her outfits. I paid someone to tweet her. So, that can  not be gotten back by a store. ( even if a store was so kind to replace something not due to their fault) 


    To me is Linden labs created this problem they should restore all our lost inventories. Not leave it up to us getting back

    to the stores. 


    Still upset ........ But trying to be nice 



  4. Hi ChiaraHawk


        What can I say, hopefully you have not spent many lindens yet.  I left myself as a ghost.With my best avi lost 

    and all the outfits that went with her shape, even her shape is now lost. This doesn't help you though

    Sorry, hopefully if you are new your outfits are not that many.  Still, I do understand. And, wish no one such.

    If I have lost my best custom tweeted avi with her outfits, well I may just stop SL.  Too much money invested

    and still no bf. :smileysad: Best of luck to you and everyone. Today  I need to get outside in the sun. 


    best of luck to everyone



  5. Kal

      thanks, just wonder if I will get back all I've lost, which includes my best and most expensive avi. The one I paid to be tweeted. Ugh if all that is lost.



    I'm going to take a much needed break from SL


    Have a good day everyone



  6. Yes, I have had this happen to me today when I tried to change my outfit

    I am a ghost, with not being able to create inventory. Nothing helps.


    About to cry,  this is taking up all my morning and beyond


    Any help appreciated



  7. Yes, today I can not access any of my inventory, plus, when I tried to change outfits


    I became a ghost. I have tried everything I know but nothing helps


    I am so upset as I have spent too much money on this avi to have to resort to buying


    A new one plus all new clothes.


    If anyone has any suggestions, beyond what normally would resolves this


    Please help.



    About to just give up



  8. Donivan

       the E-reader sounds great since I have a kindle tablet, Are you saying you can send eBooks to those of us in the book club?

    I've just gotten my HD Kindle tablet, with only a couple of books downloaded ( so far)

      Very anxious to start this club, as this is something I would gain from. Learning is of upmost interest to me. Books give us

    that insight that in my opinion nothing else can.


    have a wonderful day!



  9. Hello 

       I am extremely interested in a book club, with mature people. As, I am a mature lady

    seeking intelligent friends to connect with in sl. So, look for my IM. This is something of

    great interest to this lady.


    Thank you, 


  10. To all that have written,


       I have decided to give up looking for anyone. With a heavy heart I am just to upset


    To continue. SL may be good for so many of you but for me it has brought only sadness.


    But, thanks to each one that has tried to offer advice



    Good night



  11. Hi :)

      I'm looking for people that have the virtual kennel club dogs. As, I've been drawn to them since I discovered them weeks ago.

      Would love to know from others if they are as life like as the people selling them say.


    So, if any of you have one ( or more ) please reply. I find myself going to visit them almost on a daily basis.


    Thank you,


  12. Hi there!


      I too seek friends of both sexes, and I've only been in SL since Jan.12th I believe, my how time has gone by


    One thing I have found is that most of my early friends are now gone? So, I would love to be friends. Just IM me 

    In world when you see me there!


    Have a wonderful day



  13. Hi

        I'm a lady looking for a family. Would love to be someone's sweetheart. Or beloved sister. I did apply late last night to a 

    role play group,( awaiting reply) but am open to different situations. I love exploring, lectures, picture taking, anything that is good clean fun



    if you are interested just send me an IM in world and let me know you are responding to my post in the forums.


    Thank you



  14. Hello


       After finding I do not fit into most SL communities, will anyone offer advice on how to find


    Sincere friends. I am at a loss to know where to seek this type of personalitie. As I am  finding only


    Those that seek self gratification. In other words, think only of their own needs. I care deeply about


    People and wish to help others, not just focus on my own needs. 



    Thank you,



  15. Hello Valerie


      thank you for taking time to reply, I will look for you when in world again. If you are from France we are time

    Zones apart, but hopefully we can meet up at times. I'd love to get to know you and those in your groups.


    One of my friends just told me he was a DJ in a club on Tues and Thursday nights. He is married and his wife

    Works with him at the club.  It must be nice to have a spouse involved with SL. I'm not married and that is why


    I came into SL to meet people with like interests.



    Thanks again,


  16. I'm still looking for friends, as I too find SL boring when alone. I've had some friends, but most either have left, wanted


    sex, or got engaged and became too busy with their new lady. I'm a lady with high standards, perhaps too much for SL


    I have been told by many that my avi is pretty and those that know me, know I'm a caring person,. So, why when I go

    to groups am I ignored?  I always say "hello" in the local, chat. 



    Please check out my profile and if you think we can be good friends, send me an Im in world and let me know

    you are replying to this message. 


    hope to hear from those of you with like interests



    thank you



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