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  1. There are several groups for The Mesh Project inworld the one I frequent is the Mesh Project Groupies or Mesh Addicts. We post questions and we try to answer from our own experiences. We are not affiliated with the The Mesh Project we are just users and share our own experiences and fixes that we have found along the way. Perhaps if you having troubles with the TMP items please try one of the inworld Groups someone is always ready to assist and if not we all band together to help out. For all the nay sayers and negative feedback on this thread you are entitled to your opinion but it is not helpful to someone who has spent their rl money in lindens for a product they are having trouble with. They came here and asked for help if you think telling them your negative feedback on the product is helpful it is not. I am sure it is frustrating to the person wanting and asking for help to read it instead of the help they desire. Make a blog and voice your negative thoughts there for people who want to read them but when someone ask for help they want help. I am asking you to please just consider keeping your negative thoughts to yourself instead of making the person feel bad about what they have spent thousands of lindens on. If anyone needs help with their TMP body or Head I have had them since they first hit the market you are welcome to IM inworld if I don't answer here as I am not in this forum often.
  2. Why is it difficult to be a friend with someone of the same sex. Women don't seek out other women to be friends and Men don't seek out men to be friends. i am not talking sexual just friends. In RL most of us have more friends of the same gender but in SL it seems like that is a rarity to have same gender friends. Is it competitivness or lack of trust that we don't seek out friends of the same gender. if I ask a male avi how many males are on his friend list he will more than like say less than 5 out of 100 and the same for females or perhaps a few more. It is so weird to me this lack of gender friendship.
  3. Also wanted to add even if you trust someone and you cam your picture of however you choose to represent your self can be taken by their cam. So unless that doesn't matter to you then cam on. To the person who thinks that the ip address is stolen during voice well I imagine most things are possible but i have never heard of that and if someone wants to get your information and is resourceful I am sure you don't have to voice for that to happen.
  4. Voice verify is one thing so you want to verify my gender I pick up the mic and say Hi I am a female or i am a male. What does that prove that the voice they heard was a male or female. It does not mean the person you are interacting with when you go back to texting is the sex they say they are. I have heard all the horrable stories. I guess I don't look at SL as a dating service such as Eharmony or Match.com. I come for relaxing and interaction with others from around the world. if I meet someone nice and we forge a friendship that is awesome. But I think the percentage of finding true RL love in SL is less than 2% and that might be being generous. Bottom line I love to voice with my friends but if someone makes you uncomfortabale just remember you are a click away from being rid of them. Only do what is in your comfort zone and not worry what others expect of you.
  5. I must be niave because I really thought the number one reason SL relationships didn't work was cheating. I dated one person and found he had 4 avi's and three of them were partnered. Now that is some heavy cheating he had a house for each one. LOL and SMH He seemed amazed i didn't want to be the 5th and that I was smart enough to catch him on all of his alts.
  6. The confusing part to me is the chillout and relax does this person want a relationship where they pay 450L a week?
  7. I bought my first pair of breast last night, I had been using tattooing and shading to make the curves better on the avatar shape. I looked at the lolas and they reminded me of super fake and were overwhelming large (Dolly Pardon or Pam Anderson like). Actually with the shadowing and tattooing many men asked was I wear lolas and I would always proudly say no these are my natural avi breast. But today I wore my Vstrings for the very first time and my BF went wild he was so definite about me not getting enhancements until he saw the Vstring in person today. He even enjoyed the spurts of milk from the nipples (he's a perv lol). i must say that using the lolas applier from my skin maker was a slight disappointment because it is close to my skin color but I can see lines that don't look smooth and can be a give away you are wearing an enhancement. But I also must say it was a smoother look than the demos I tried of other brands. Breast is an individual choice so try all of them in the demo form and make the best selecion for you personal preferences. And if you have a partner, bf or best buddy that is male why not get their opinion of the demos as you try them. Good luck and would love to hear which you picked and why.
  8. When I try to retrieve my transaction history from last year i can only see one month of transaction. How do I get my transactions for my Xcite purchases last year.
  9. I moved to a new parcel and I get about 20 intruders a day landing looking for an old German gay venue. One day I came home and guy was there nude with full erect **bleep**. I would like to know if I can record activity in my house when I am not there. I have an orb and ejects people but I come home and pose balls are rezzed and can't figure out what is going on in my house. The only thing I can think of is to have a security camera like I have in RL that records anyone who comes into my house and what they do in my home. Is there something I can legally use and buy for my Second Life home?
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