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  1. I'm having the same exact issue. I updated to the new firestorm 4.4 version and since then both my sl and my firestorm crash within 5 mins of entering. I already tried putting everything on the lowest setting but it's not working. This only started happening today.
  2. Sorry it was always 250L week I must have mixed it up with another one of your posts. My mistake.
  3. I'm trying to figure out the process. Someone said you can only rent a skybox but that didn't seem right because there are so many for sale on marketplace. So once you buy a skybox from there , how do you place it in the sky? Are you required to buy sky space first? Sorry totally new to this. I'm going to rent a skybox for now but do want to buy my own to live in. Also "prims" I see this discussed in sales of homes and even in skybox rentals. Where exactly can you locate prim count and how do you know you've exceeded that number? Ooh and how would you exceed your prim count in the first place?
  4. This place is really cute. Just that the last few days that I tried to teleport there I ended up in the bottom of a stream. The closet realty company was selling land around 2500L + per week. .
  5. The price must have changed in 24 hours. I went to the place but it appears to be 250L per week now.
  6. Sorry it took me so long to respond. Not sure why it seems like accessing the blogs and acct are in two different locations. I couldn't find my way back here. lol Yes the system never credited the Lindens in the game but the game rep stated to send him a notecard with the details. So that I will do. Thanks again for responding.
  7. I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the correct section but I was playing one of the GAIAM free play games. If your name is placed on the board due to a high score you win credits after the 100 games have been completed between you and 3 other players. The Main General Chat stated I won $15L and $5L plus another $5L for speed. That's $25 L total. What happened right after I won my balance dropped down to -1 which is where I had to log in log out. My balance returned to where it was before I started playing but the $25L wasn't added to it. I contacted GAIAM'S group chat and they said it was an issue with SL's system . So I said ok hope it updates later but looking now it never did. The question I'm asking now is : Is it just a tough break and oops bad timing so goodbye linden winnings or is there anything I could do?
  8. Thank you for getting back to me so soon:) I'm still earning my "noob" stars and stripes I guess. lol. Ohh well guess I'l chalk this up to lesson learned. Thanks again for responding:)
  9. I purchased something from a seller in world and lets just say it was absolutely horrible. I notice that the lighting in different stores may differ greatly from the rest of SL. I asked for a refund or store credit to purchase something else at the same seller's store. He send me "No Refunds!". I also think there may be a language barrier issue because I explained throughly what was wrong with the product. I was going to leave a review on here to warn others of possible issues but it doesn't allow me as it's an in world purchase. Any help on this would be truly appreciated. Thank You, ~Goddess Blue Yozakura~
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